Run 1189

Sunday 26 January 2014

The Cross Keys, Totternhoe

Hares: Legs 11 and Forking Dick Chair


A Birthday Hat for Legs ...

Up Castle Hill ...

We said Fare Well to Spunk Bubble ...

Grand-dad held up the Hot Legs Words

At 98.4% Shiggy (see Wurdz Run 1188) was this the Shiggiest Run of all time?

Rather than elope to the Caribbean with her boyfriend, Legs Eleven decided to mark her 17th birthday with a hash run from the Cross Keys.

Who's that knocking on my door,
It's gotta be a quarter to four,
Seventeen years old, are you still at school?
You've got legs right up to your neck,
Making me a physical wreck
I'm talking to you Legs Eleven

Before writing her words she must firstly complete her homework:

1. P.E. Set out a hash trail with False trails, Number Checks, Hold Checks, Lady Checks, a Beer Stop for the Fat Controller and an 'On Inn'. 5 points for each marking used. Pass mark 20 points.

2. MATHS Solve the following algebra equations:
a. x times 5 Baah + 1 = Legs 11
b. y times Legs 11 + 2 = Edwina 123
If Subby added together x and y how many down-downs can Rapid Withdrawal award?

a. If Bangers buys a 1lb bag of flour and uses 6oz to lay a hash trail,how many hash cakes can Twizer make with the remaining flour if 300 grammes makes a batch of a dozen?
b. If Underlay's Strava reading is 4.6 miles, Depth Charge's distance is 9.7 Km and Count Roadkill has covered 0.2km then which hasher has drunk the most beer? Show your working out...

a. Lt Gispert played an important part in the second world war. How and when is this commemorated?
b. Which hasher has a notable anniversary this year in the same month, and where and when is this being celebrated this week?

a. In which country is Kuala Lumpur?
b. How many times has Thongo been to Malaysia?
c. In which country is the Brussels 2014 event taking place?
d. Name a hash group in Bosnia.

6. What mineral or rock was once mined at Totternhoe quarry:
a. Flour
b. Shiggy
c. Limestone
d. More shiggy

7. ENGLISH Lush Big Knickers went to Lush Cosmetics to buy some blusher.
In the above sentence:
a. Where is Lush used as a pronoun?
b. Where is Lush used as an adjective?
c. Where is Lush in relation to the bottle of red wine?

8. ART & CRAFT Using Skippy's colouring crayons draw a picture of White Rabbit in a white onesie using plain flour on a snowy day to lay a hash trail over the white cliffs of Dover.

9. LANGUAGE Translate the following exchange into German:
Atomic Kitten: "Are you going to the Hash?"
Carmen Suits Ja: "Yes, where is it"
Frau Krafty Rot: "In the pub between the town hall and the hospital"
Shuffle: "Ein bier bitte"

10. LITERATURE Which of the following abbreviations or phrases is the Harlington Girls School Motto:
a. Coelesti Luce Crescat
b. N.O.R.W.I.C.H.
c. Know Thyself

11. ESSAY Write a 200 word essay 'What I did on my 17th birthday' and send it to grandad Ringer by Wednesday. MARKS: nil #FAIL

Forking aspires to personalised

How Rapid Did 1189
How Rod Did Hot Legs

... and another for someone else

... and down slippery Sewell Embankment

... and welcomed Newbee One Ball

And the GM had a 250 Run Award