Run 1187

Sunday 12 January 2014

The Greyhound, Haynes

Hares: Capt F and Tarzan


Lovely views from Haynes

Ringer accepts down-down with good grace

Twicza models H5 wrist band

I bought a greyhound about a month ago; a friend of mine said to me "What are you going to do with it?" I said "I'm going to race it." He said "By the look of it, you'll beat it."

Three race horses were bragging about their race average. "I won five out of twenty races" said the first horse. "Oh Yeah? I won fifteen out of my first 30" said the second. "Hah! I won 50 out of 60" said the third. Hiding behind a hay bale, a Greyhound was listening in on the conversation. He steps into view and says, "Well I won 99 out of 100 of my races." The third horse looks at the second horse and says,"WOW!! A talking dog."

Laying the trail on Saturday was pretty pleasant as it was sunny and not too wet underfoot. It took a couple of hours to lay at a very leisurely pace, so spot on the right distance or at least much closer to the mark from one of my previous attempts from the same venue (most remember with horror the 1hr 45 mins record-breaking run).

The circle formed and it was quite impressive to see that over thirty had amassed. It's amazing what a bright sunny day and some New Year's resolutions can achieve. We even had some local ex-hashers join the circle at the behest of the lovely Gorjoyce.

As for the run, that was pretty standard fare. The usual FRBs were seen dashing around the village and countryside whilst the ever-growing knitting circle plodded behind at a steady pace. Spotted Dick has clearly begun the New Year with re-invigorated drive as he was repeatedly caught out by the number checks that were liberally laid by the hares.

The timing of the run was impeccable as the lead hare got back to the pub at precisely 12:00 and the rest of the pack were not that far behind. Who says that Capt F can’t set an hour long run (tosh!). But RA Shuffle Cock was seen speeding off in the direction of Meppershall at the end of the run. Apparently he (or perhaps Frau) had forgotten to bring the baked goodies to the hash. He returned just before the closing circle with aforementioned goodies (yum yum).

Down-downs were awarded to the hares, a group of incognito hashers (i.e. no hash apparel), Twicza got a down-down for forgetting to model the new H5 wrist band/strap-on, Edwina got done for gullible-ism and Ringer was punished for not returning to the back of the pack from a numbered check (tut-tut).

The après hash meal was excellent and great value and if you ever get a chance, I would really recommend trying the Black Pudding and Stilton Cheese starter. It was delicioussssss!

Love to you all – Capt F & Tarzan

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