Run 1186

Sunday 5 January 2014

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Hares: Screamer and Smiffo, S/I for Donut


Just for FC - a Beer Stop

Shagpile swings those ageing hips FC style

100 Run Award for Depth Charge

As usual DONUT had organised everything for the annual New Year run and meal down to the minutest detail but he didn't count on two things: 1) the weather flooding out the planned trail and 2) getting ill! This is where two unsuspecting hashers get promoted to Hares for the day! Luckily for them most hashers these days promote the SRAB philosophy (Short Runs Are Best) and so they took it literally!

Arriving at 9.50 to meet DONUT and the flour we set off to make up a trail on very familiar hash paths. Luckily the weather was kind to us and the trail was laid in 1hr 40. Once back at the pub time for a quick rest before having to do it all over again! The hash circled up at 12.00 and after the usual bumblings, Capt F regaled us all with the various meanings of certain phrases depending whether they are being used by men or women (If any male had been listening they could have learnt something!). The pack then set off in completely the wrong direction before finding the trail by the cemetery. I've no idea what occurred on the run; as being back hare I was enjoying the company of the very large knitting circle. The route took the runners(?!) along by the river and out to the newly refurbished bridge where they had to make a decision. Luckily for the knitting circle they took the false trail along by the river. KNOBBER was heard to complain that it was too long! I'm just glad he ran it to make it worth my while risking a dunking whilst laying the trail on the slippery path!

From there it was back into Blunham to be met by WARD 10 and a car full of beer! Once everyone had finished their refreshments it was back to business. Most tried the falsie heading into Blunham but soon turned round and found the correct route back to the river. The trail then went over the bridge and ON INN the way we had run out. A small pause was made on the bridge as the COUNT encouraged the FAT CONTROLLER to attempt to break the bridge while he photographed the event.

Once back at the pub the circle was soon called and down downs were given to:

  • The Hares
  • Double anniversary for the COUNT & LADY P
  • DEPTH CHARGE for 100 runs
  • HAIRY GUSSETT for finally reaching 50 runs! Obviously a harriet who doesn't like to rush things seeing as she reached 10 runs at 555!
  • SHAGPILE & FAT CONTROLLER – not sure what for but it was worth it to see the dance. Bit worrying as it was well synchronised – do they have private practice sessions?

Everyone then retired inside for the rest of the festivities. A very good meal was had by all and everyone appreciated the extras organised by DONUT.
Thank you DONUT and WARD 10 for yet another well organised event.
Happy New Year to all of H5

How Underlay Did 1186

Hash Flash attempt to break bridge failed

One RA drinks all RAs drink

50 Run Award for Hairy Gussett: at last