Rutland HHH Parasitic Run

Sunday 18 August 2013

East Northamptonshire


Hash marks were different

No knitting circle these Harriets

Rutland H3 has several Pongos...

.... to sum up the run

The Investigation Team (minus forensic photographer Ringer) assemble prior to their swoop

To say that the start location was rural and secluded is putting it mildly. Positioned 1¾ miles from the nearest village, Southwick, meant that a secret approach to our victims was out of the question, so an upfront approach would have to be adopted instead. The 'team', comprising members of various bodies, including Forensics, Health & Safety, Amenities, Rutland police and the obligatory management consultants [for the back story read this], rendezvoused in the village, before descending on Rutland Hash, just about matching their numbers. However before we got to the remote start location, disaster struck. Having met up in the village, our three cars set off in convoy. "What's that flown off Rapid's roof?" "Looks a bit like a mobile phone!" And so it was, someone who shall remain nameless, put their phone down on the roof (just for a moment), forgot it and got back in the car. The rest as they say is insurance history, isn't it Nik-Nak?

Back at the start location, distinct confusion, fear, frustration and just a shade of annoyance was spreading through the Rutland H3 ranks as we outlined the 'reason' for our presence. Discretion being the better part of survival, we decided to reveal our true identities. The sight of their faces before and after the dénouement were, well, a picture, which sadly, under the circumstances, we were unable to capture. The sighs of relief were audible and we were soon being made very welcome into their throng.

The hash marks were somewhat different to those H5 are accustomed to so the hares illustrated these for our benefit. There was one blob, two blobs, three blobs in a triangle and you're on; walking checks – walk 'til you're on, walking checks with a question mark – first blob you're on and others including the more familiar fishhooks. These latter, in the form of 'all-to-the-back' were used profusely and meant we all ran/walked at least twice as far as the ground we actually covered.

Back at the On-Inn Rutland H3 produced a well-chilled dray and just about everyone was involved in down-downs for one reason or another.

The magnificent countryside was matched by a glorious sunny morning, which together with our splendid victims hosts made for a truly memorable day. Post-run H5 repaired to an excellent pub for lunch and a pint or two.


If YOU need The Investigators, and you can find them...

How The GM ran the parasitic

Forkin' DC pays attention to the briefing

Despite the fishhooks, the pack still spread out

Where's the footpath then?

We apologise to Rutland for this horrific sight

For once Gorjoyce drinks not throws

FDC blags another down-down

One GM drinks, all GMs drink