Run 1185

Sunday 29 December 2013

The Green Man, Lidlington

Hares: Leroy, Semi and Rapid


Who invited Ring Piece?

Forking awaits the 11.59

Blow Felt and Leroy do a job on the Jag

Twas the Hash after Christmas
And at Count's house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even his mouse

The trail was set
By the Hares with care
In hopes that the pack
Soon would be there

The Hashers arrived
Thinking of ale
With visions of flour
Set off on the trail

With Semi in his jacket
And I in my hat,
The pack on their way
To shake off some fat

When out on the trail
There arose such a clatter
A check by the railway ?
Let's stop for a natter

Away down the path
I flew like a flash
With Forking behind
Having stopped for a slash

The Sun on the breast
Of Nik Nak's top
Gave a smile to Leroy
As he ran with a lop

When what to my
Wandering eyes should appear
But Ring Piece in his car
We had nothing to fear

With a little more trail
So lively and quick
Who should appear but
Capt F, what a dick.

Leroy pleads his innocence

Cause Perdu risks job with reprobates

Birthdays for Pussies and The Jag Driver

More stupid than possible
The silly old clod
Had put in his Sat Nav
The wrong Postcode

More Rapid set checks
The hares to the back
As I laughed and Shouted
Calling them back

Back Leroy, back Count
Now Capt F, and now Semi
On Bangers, On Forking
On Lady P, and of course DE

To the top of the field
To the check in the corner
To the railway once more
And then again over

Now Hash-away,
Hash-away all

As dry leaves before the
Wild hurricane fly
When they meet with a short cut
On On they cry

So up to the Viewpoint
The Hashers they flew
With boots full of mud
And then took a pew

And then in a twinkling
The view we could see
The Chimneys and Turbines
In the direction of Stewartby

We returned to the pub
Twas time for the circle
And RA Forking came
With a bound to the middle

He was dressed all in Orange
From his head to his foot
And his sins were all punished
With beer to boot

Underlay's Route for 1185

A bundle of toys
Had been flung on the floor
And Leroy looked
Like an RAC man just fixing a wheel

Pussies eyes how they twinkle,
Her birthday quite near
Her eyes on the Jag?
Blow Felt's nothing to fear

HM's drawl little mouth
Was drawn up like a bow
And the stubble of his chin
Was a white as the snow

The Hashit's were awarded
Without further ado
And we returned to our homes
Until the next Tempsford Do

But I heard Rapid exclaim
As he drove out of sight
Hashy Christmas to all
On on and goodnight