Run 1184

Sunday 22 December 2013

The Royal Oak, Potton

Hares: Shagpile and Underlay


Lady P's festive outfit: incongruous?

Don't know her: and what is she trying to do?

Birthday Hat for Shagpile

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree that all of the H5 family should gather for run 1184. And Bangers went up from Friars Walk, out of the city of Dunstable, into Bedfordshire, unto the city of Shagpile, which is called Potton; (because it was here that the dust was layeth): To run with Shagpile and Underlay his espoused wife, being great.
And lo, twelve hash brethren rose up; a mixed multitude they were, but no flocks, nor herds, even not very much cattle, but with two dogs.
And the hash Lord did spake unto Shagpile and he did sayeth "Yea verily, where are the rest of thy family, hast thou layeth a crap run dude? And behold, I did send to you Leroy, to maketh thy thirteenth". But of Leroy there was no sign, and the hash Lord did say to Shagpile "What man of you, having thirteen sheep, if he loses one them, doth not leave twelve of them in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he findeth it?"
And Shagpile, son of Leonard was shamed, but when the Lord's back was turned, he did say "Bollocks – the others did findest the car park!" And the saying pleased him well; and he took twelve hashers, both men and women into the wilderness of Potton.
But runneth the hash would not, for they were lame and aged, except for Edwina, he of bare lip, and Count Roadkill the hirsute one, and Bangers, the taker of supplements, for they three only did stretch their legs.
And the hash family did returneth to whence they had commenced, and make merry with eating and drinking and rejoicing and they did praise Shagpile and Underlay his espoused wife, who was great, for 'twas soon to be the birthday of Shagpile who will celebrate his thirty-ninth year (next year), but 'lo, sinners were present and did the secretive Advisor of Religion, nam'd Boris say unto them "Be ye afraid of the down-down; for wrath bringeth the punishment of the down-down, that ye may know there is a judgement."
And punishment was admonished to: Double Entry – who did attempt dobbiness; Edwina – hare unawary-ness; Subby – wrong pub-iness and to Bangers who hath sinneth 200 times. And others who's names I have forgotten-eth

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