Run 1182

Sunday 8 December 2013

The Bricklayers Arms, Hitchin

Hare: Shuffle Cock


See 13. and 14.

Leroy had an issue with technology

Happy Snaps had a Deca Award

Rules for Hashing in Xmas Shopping Hell - Bah Humbug

1. DON'T
2. See Rule 1.
3. Pick a pub in the middle of town next to a massive car park.
4. Turn up at 8.30am to find car park full.
5. Sod it and set the hash anyway.

6. Run around trying to find parking.
7. Watch hashers get stressed, as they look for somewhere to park.
8. Try to empathise
9. Fail.
10. Try not to laugh.
11. Fail.

12. Start run late.
13. Run through town, confuse shoppers.
14. Watch dancing girls in middle of town.
15. Head out of town.
16. Head back into town.
17. Go back to pub for drinks.

18. Thank Frau for cakes, biscuits and doing Hash Cash, when turning up apres.
19. Worry about RA.
20. Watch RA in motion.
21. Deca Award to Snap Happy
22. RA fails to award drink to himself.

23. Same time & place next year?



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.. and The Hash had an RA problem