Run 1181

Sunday 1 December 2013

The Royal Oak, Woburn

Hares: Atomic Titten and FDC


Oscar: far too competitive

Coming Home

Secret RA in need of Specsavers? ...

Rabbits, rabbits, white rabbits, pinch punch first of the month.

If your premium bonds still haven't come in today, or you have opened the first door of your advent calendar, dragged the plastic chrismas tree out the loft and then looked at your chrismas card list and thought who the heck is Roy Loak in Woburn, then you need to get out on the hash.

Co-hare Atomic Titten was unable to make today as she had torush to a rapidly ageing friend who had a 50th birthday party.

Off the pack set, crossing the road at the house of the Dowager Duchess. Lady Pee had earlier dragged Count Roadkill into the circle to remind him of the recent anniversary of the first year in their new house.

Passing stunning scenery and lakes it was guest runner Hayden along with Ringer and Fat Controller who as FRBs set off through the deer park until sent back by a long falsie. It was almost like the migrating herds of wildebeests on the massai mara at times. More often though it was Monarch of the Glen, Gorjoyce with a string of pearls around her neck played the part of the Queen.

Twizer and Double Entry were caught lingering at a number check, but Knobber, Rapid and Spunk Bubble made several runs to the back, a place occupied by Leroy and his faithful mutt, Jack. Submissive was parading 1st place Oscar the day after his big win at the agility course.

The reassembled group crossed the road and made off into the cropped fields where yours truly had seen a hare bounding earlier in the day. At least Bambi was still running around in the fields. Evidence of the flour-footed hare showed 5 Baah, Edwina 123 and Rapid Withdrawal the long way home.

There was a circle-up, or for the hash flash a V-shaped circle-up-yours. Many pints of Ruddles were copiously consumed which helped as when looking through the bottom of a beer glass it is obvious to anyone that 5 Baah and Leroy were separated at birth.

Forking Dick Chair

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Woburn Abbey: would inspire Landseer

More like a V than a circle

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