Run 1180

Sunday 24 November 2013

The Horseshoes, Blunham

Hares: Tarzan and Count Withano


Unprepared Newbee Sheila

Obviously guilty, Pussies and Double ...

... trying "innocent and mystified", Lady P and Atomic

A quick look at the Hash Pics and you'd think it was Harriettes Day at H5. But the The Horseshoes certainly wasn't sort of pub as it warmed up for the City game, and a few deposits in the kiddies play area – well, a lady wouldn't have left them there.
But unfair, we've given you the wrong impression already: more chaps than hariettes by a whisker – in Edwina's case at least. And Mine Hosts, as hash friendly as you could wish with water for Tilly and a never ending supply of roasties, nuts and cheese delivered by the cutest of ankle biters. We were very impressed with the efforts of Liz and Roy.
The circle started in the way The Count had always dreamt it would with a chance to feel Submissive, or at least her new line in hasherdabbery. But down to earth with a bump with an admission that The Count's alter ego Hash Flash had forgotten the Hash Camera – thank goodness for phones. And another admission that he and Tarzan had such a super time strolling around Blunham the previous day that they had put little thought into laying dust on the ground.
No birthdays or anniversaries – to the relief of keeper of the Birthday Hats Lady P, equally forgetful on the day. And just one Newbee, Sheila who should have been warned of Hash Traditions by El Gringo, but was not: he didn't want to put her off. So why is he walking around with a rat under his nose?
With an irony not lost on Thongo, who later chose "flat" as his epitaph for the run, the Hares pointed to "hills" as the main hazard and sent The Hash up the 1 in 500 incline ominously referred to locally as The Hill. They might also have mentioned "nosey neighbours" for it was surely they – so protective of their highways the previous day as we scattered our flour – who obliterated the check outside Chez Double Entry. It could not have been Miss Goody Two Shoes herself. Could it?
At South Mills, perhaps for the first and only time on this day, the time honoured craft of the Hare worked properly. Three false trails were checked before the right one was found, and the Knitting Circle caught up. A long haul along the old railway line towards Sandy should have finished with a quick short-cut for the knitters but you can't tell these old sods anything. They turned down the chance to catch up and were soon a goodly way adrift going into the second long stretch by the River Ivel, just to confound the Hares.
And so Zebedee, Depth Charge, Submissive – yes you heard that right – and the other FRBs ran the trail, leaving the knitters to walk it, stopping only to see if an abandoned Ford Focus contained a body (to our disappointment it didn't). A detour behind the main road served to shorten the gap between the two packs just a little but "us" and "them" was preserved, at least outside The Shoes.
In the circle Depth Charge stepped forward to besmirch the good names – and good names they are – of Pussies Galore, Atomic Titten, Lady P, Double Entry, Rapid Withdrawal, Ringer and Edwina 123, before a rare appearance from Skidmark and family was recognised by a 250 run award.
And then we united to W.I. it with some of Lady P's finest carrot cake and a promising baking debut from Sheila.

The Count faobo Tarzan

How The GM did 1180

El Edwina Gringo for jest 6 more daze?

Atomic gives Anon E Mouse a feel

250 Run Award for Skidmark