Run 1178

Sunday 10 November 2013

The Plough, Langford

Hares: Lady P and Knobber


That nice lady from the SAS gave a reading

Don Zebedee raced windmills

Blow Felt had that seen it all before look

Being 9th November '13, it was an odd day when we laid the run. [last consecutively odd day of the century they tell me ... sunday was also remembrance day so we had a reading and two minutes peace and quiet... ed]
Lady P had come prepared with a water resistant mixture of flour and semolina, to ensure clog free dobbing. It also seemed to be popular with the wildlife overnight, but what remained had turned a fetching pink colour, like a well-spanked bottom.
On the day, what of the trail that hadn't been eaten had been washed away, and the Hares became a bit worried when the pack, following Forking, steamed down Langford High Street, heading away from the trail. But, just as we were about to "sod it then" and go back into the pub to warm up, the pack reappeared having noticed a total lack of dust.
There weren't too many options explored before finding the correct trail, which was along a foot track into the fields leading down to the railway lines. Soon the pack reconvened at a held check, before finding a crossing over to the other side and down to Langford's latest attraction, the Wind Farm.
The trail went within 100 yards or so of one of the turbines (which was asleep), then along to a track, where what turned out to be a false trail went along one of the other sides of the site.
After all of that excitement, the pack found its way back up and towards Langford, and eventually to another railway crossing and back into a residential area. Whilst the FRBs fell for the straight road back, the trail actually turned right and back into the fields, where the ON INN had mysteriously appeared along the foot track we originally started along.
In the circle, there were down downs to the Hares, Forking, (for not finding any misdemeanors as RA), Capn F (pretending to be a bowling alley), and Bangers. Having given Pongo's thoughts on the run, Gorjoyce was awarded the Hashit to make her look (even more) beautiful, and Spunk Bubble received her deca-run mug (for doing ten runs).
The Wind Farm generated a lot of interest, and if you want to make your own, here's how:
And if you're not impressed, here's how to stop them:

Lady P and Knobber

How The GM did 1178

Hash Flash tried one of his arty shots

Bangers 'n' Madge lived in the fast line

Gorjoyce took the Hashit with a flourish