Run 1177

Sunday 3 November 2013

Edwina's Gaff, Brickhill

Hares: Atomic Titten and Edwina 123


DE guides in that Lost lad

Spunk Bubble treads carefully

50 Run Tankard for Cause Perdue

Hi Edwina, I removed the bit where I said that I forgot about the words and added the burnt bread pudding, and the newies names. These must be the most boring wurds, we get a rewrd for them. Perhaps you can make the bonfirme bit in your garden a bit more exciting because it was the best bit of the run. Atomic

Before the hash even got on it's way, Atomic was already exhausted from laying trail and had decided to use the secretly hidden shortcut which was not yet marked as a short cut, because she tried to keep up with unusually speedy Edwina-1-2-3.
Soon after the run started it seemed that we had lost Blow-felt. Edwina-1-2-3 ran back to find him while Blow-felt was actually a front runner. Atomic tried to get Edwina-1-2-3's attention to turn around but was unsuccessful. That's why she fell so far behind that it was no longer the knitting circle but perhaps the sleeping circle. Spotted Dick saying "Atomic don't forget to put the arrows down", and she did, who for, there was nobody behind her?
After running back to find Blow-felt, Edwina-1-2-3 actually found Lost Cause (yep, Lost Cause was found). (Note to GM: why don't we tell LC the start is half an hour earlier than it really is, then he may get there in time?) Further down the line it seems that Frau and some other ladies (I think the new one as well) needed some gentlemanly help getting back over a little brook, no clue how they got to the other side.
Once passed the shortcut it was off through fields with bulls and a cow (they are always scary). To get away from them Pussies balanced along a fence through deep mud rather than doing a little bypass closer to the bulls, and well done, no shoe got stuck or did it?
Two newbies, Peter and Jane arrived and surprisingly they were not seen until the end because they are obviously good runners; they did not stop to take a breather. Let's hope they will come back because it was long enough, hard enough and they said they come again.
Out of the fields it was more or less a straight home run because the best was to come. Down-downs for hares, newbies and for newbie new shoes taken by Nik Nak.
Edwina-1-2-3 and Sheila (not Atomic) were wonderful hosts and Sheila kindly prepared the food while we were out running. Lets hope that she will soon be a newbie as well. It was well worth coming to this hash for hot food, lots of drinks all by courtesy of Edwina-1-2-3, supplemented by delicious bread pudding from Fat Controller, however, it was not only the spectacular bonfire that was well burnt. A big thank you to Captain Fantaastic to have lit our fire. This was a great end after an uneventful run.

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