Run 1176

Sunday 27 October 2013

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: Boris and Ridicularse


GM adds to his portfolio of gay pose snaps

Forking lovingly removes mud, piece by piece

First to 700 Award
(hover over or tap the pic to see the award)

On the eve of the storm of the mighty St Jude
A gather'in of hashers arrived in good mood
At the Engineers Arms, to do what they love best
Run around in the mud and enjoy the beer fest!

Hares diligently thought, and planned the hash
Well, printed a map, then went on the lash
They sampled the beer, and declared it fantaaastic
So much so, that they took some home in plastic

They woke the next day in utter dismay
The overnight rain'd washed their trail right away!
They pondered a moment on what could be done
But decided to wing-it and just have some fun!

Announcements were made and off went the pack
Dodging allotments and gardeners to find the right track
Ridicularse tried sprinting to catch FRBs
But only found Forking, who fell on his knees

ON-BACK was the call heard all over the land
None of it was going quite how the hares' planned
But the pack were in fine-fettled spirits and grinning
As they rounded the lakes headed for the on inn-ing

And back at the pub what remained of the beer
Was poured into glasses and up went a cheer
For Rapid confirmed what the hashers had wondered
That Captain Fantaastic had reached 700!

So out came a tray, which contained 7 glasses
As the RA declared all of Capt F's farces*
I mean who'd lay a check outside of a pub
It's bound to cause chaos and quite a hubbub!

There were down downs for hares
And relocating hashers in pairs
A birthday for Boris, and a mud bath for Forking
Then on-on to Wednesday and hash trick or treating!


* For those of you in any doubt - and I know there are Northerners among you - 'glass' does indeed rhyme with 'farce'.
Good work Boris

Remind me: why do they call her Ridicularse?

Shagpile: "Hasher of The Week"

... and finally the Capt F Group Cuddle

Now let's see those 7 down downs again in slow motion:

How the GM camped 1176