Run 1174

Sunday 13 October 2013

The Globe, Leighton Buzzard

Hares: Bangers (and Leroy)


Even the Hare wore wellies

Editorial note: Hash Flash II's camera took a dim view of the inclement weather, and similarly dim views of the post-run Circle, so this week's pics are not up to our usual standard; hence apologies to Leroy for his absence from the customary Hares photo. Hash Flash I will be back next week when normal service will be resumed...probably.

Forking wore protection...

...Capt practised safe Hashing...

...and A. Nonny Mouse took precautions

It was a soggy do!

Having found out that Leroy was available to crew...sorry hare with me we set out on Saturday afternoon to lay a long voyage...sorry trail from the picturesque Globe port...sorry pub. After 1 hour the rain started but we carried on and after 2 hours arrived back and thought that the Hash would enjoy this pleasant part of wet...sorry west Bedfordshire. After a sleepless night I awoke at 8 bells to find the rain of the previous day had not relented and was faced with a tricky decision...long or short cruise...sorry trail.

Checking what was left of the marks of the previous day the decision was made...SHORT! After tweaking some new marks into the short cut we had planned I was sure that it would be the best thing to do, and meeting up with the hardy band of land lubbers, that was greeted with relief by Subby and others. To say it was wet was an understatement...and various means of keeping dry were on show...Forking with his hat umbrella, Captain F with his see-through cape and hats of many descriptions, F.C. wearing shorts!!, and even the Hare had WELLIES on!. To find that 9 stalwart seafarers...sorry hashers had made the effort was much appreciated by the Skippers...sorry Hares.

Setting sail...sorry off, the first thing to do was not go straight on from the car park so onto the tow path and under the bridge led by the first mate...sorry Rapid, and second mate...sorry Shuffle and the pack. Avast Behind!! was the cry when the bar was reached so back to the bridge it was, and with Forking saying "there's a foot path here" our motley crew headed for the tow path on the other side, but alas! this too was a navigation error and so it was on to the water meadows, using the Greensand river...sorry, Walk, and over the many slippery footbridges encountered. With Leroy sounding his horn of encouragement and his MK hash colleague [Semi: Dep Ed] playing HIS horn like a cow in labour, Spunk Bubble led us on to the first held check.

With the rain lashing down we carried on towards Rushmore via quite a few number checks and falsies, with a particularly long one through a pleasant wood. We splashed about for a bit and with our sails set eventually encountered the canal again, and set off to a long 'on inn' beside the many fishermen enjoying (!!!) their contest. Long poles were the order of the day for them, huddled under their large umbrellas, and a hasher said "Why don't they fish from the other side with short ones!" At long last the pub loomed up on the horizon the fleet of hashers docked, got out of their oilskins and reported to the harbour master...sorry bar staff for a well earned drop of grog (and chips). After warming and drying out we made for the large umbrella outside for the circle, where Ringer, acting Hash Flash, had trouble with misting up, but never the less recorded the cruise...sorry run. Thanks to all who turned up, it takes a lot to put you

'On On' to Trowley Bottom
Bangers and Leroy.

The Cruise Around 1174

I call this one House, with Hill and Hashers...

...and this one GM, a Study in Scarlet

Spunk Bubble brought some poo back from NZ

Taken out for lunch, Leroy style