Run 1173

Sunday 6 October 2013

The Bell Motel, Codicote

Hares: Spotted Dick and Custard


Bulls grazed nonchalantly ...

... and Ringer took to the water

Hashit for Jack

The weather was gorgeous for October. No birthdays or anniversaries were announced so it was a quick ON ON and with no guidance most hashers went out to the front of the pub to search for dust, but it was in vain as the trail was behind the pub. Just as everyone but The Count had finally found the right direction, Captain F and Tarzan turned up (5 minutes late) [tarzan was very early for apres though .. ed]. After the first check confusion arose as multiple dead ends were found; the correct, tiny path was eventually found by Rapid and the pack trundled off to find the next check. At that point Capt F caught up.

Alleyways and roads were searched for the next dust and eventually everyone ended up back on Codicote road. The myriad of paths and alleys in Codicote had claimed many casualties of the dreaded Falsitis. Jack then decided that he was grown up enough to cross the road towards the woods without any guidance from Leroy! And then that going through shiggy was much more fun than following the path! And was it shiggy, the best Horsey gloop and well matured. A quick fish hook kept the pack together with Capt F starting the problem of the day – counting up from 1-4 – but more on counting (not heraldry) later. But not as bad as Forking at the end of the hash – he needs to go back to school to learn to count!!!

The trail wound through the track into woodland and there first holding check. A long falsie later the pack were back to the hold across the road and into the common. The weather was stunning definitely an Indian Summer unfortunately no cowboys (what about Forking????) in the field where Gorjoyce decided that Bulls were too scary to walk past so chose another field to cross. Leroy started muttering when asked to put Jack on the lead – debriefing later. Wisely the Pack chose not to follow the fish hook back past the 2 ton bull! No Bullshit although the Hare had picked up a fine Giant Puffball for his tea. Back together it was through the fields and into more woodland to a ladies check at the bottom of the wood when the pack met "all the Single Ladies" who had found the falsie (Count, Ringer, Leroy et al).

When reaching a dangerous road the pack were advised of fast oncoming traffic and to walk single file. Why did it take the Hare longer to brief the seriousness of crossing the road than it took the pack to run it and to throw out the single file rule!!!

The road wound round to the left and the pack duly turned right through the farm where vehicles of past times were seen giving the Count an opportunity to take a photo of an old army vehicle state of the art in his day, a very smart kit car and a fire engine a really well thought out collection. Obviously entertaining enough to take the pack up the falsie toward Ayot St Lawrence – ah, the Brocket Arms – but no, twas Forking who found the snicket behind the lodge and hared off with the Count. A stretched pack quickly regrouped with the next fish hook most of the FRBs went to the back of the hash. It was only the Count who appeared to be running enthusiastically!

... Atomic Titten strolled cooly ...

Seated circle admires Gorjoyce's seat

Trucking needs help with his down–down

The next path with dust was found across the road and the hash were quickly down at the ford, although clearly marked as a water crossing most hashers decided that they would rather cross the bridge than go through the water. Leroy and Jack ran through the water as did Ringer, Spotted Dick and the Count. What a lot of wimps there were!! The ford proved to be an excellent refreshment stop – fresh water cress for those what partake and a much needed path [? bath .. ed] for a smelly Jack. Uphill to the main road the daunting downhill for the fish hook was too much for a tired pack. Along past the houses to a left turn which took the hash through yet another field and a bit of a mill as they couldn't find the exit gate. Rapid to the rescue. The pack must have smelled the beer as all the falsies were ignored until the High Street was regained. By that time the pack had divided into 2 distinct groups leaving the knitting circle well and truly behind the rest of the pack. At the SC Forking took the easy option and the FRBs & SRBs made it back together.

On returning to the Bell drinks were accordingly purchased and as the sun was shining sitting outside was the order of the day. As down down time arrived Capt. F thought it appropriate to spend all the funds bar 30p to buy down down for all the hash. Abandoning all protocol (what protocol, I hear you ask!!!!) the hash duly decided that sitting down was less effort than standing. After awarding down downs to the hares the rest of the down downs turned into a shambles and it was a free for all as drinks were awarded for no particular reason. Excuses for down downs over the pack announced the next hash and hashers were up and off out of the pub to get home for Sunday lunch!! In passing during the announcements PP's name was noted for his lack of presence at the hash – newly wedded bliss an excuse no doubt!!!

On on to Leighton Buzzard for next week's shambles of a hash with Bangers n Madge. Good luck with the shambles as the hash remains in administration from now until the AGM!

How The ex–GM Did 1173