Run 1171

Saturday 21 September 2013

Leroy's Birthday Run – a car park in a park somewhere near the border

Hares: Rapid, Leroy & Semi


DE wasn't keen to leave without The Count

Waiting for stragglers ...

... still waiting for stragglers ...

Take 3 hares, Leroy, Semi and Rapid each with a slightly different way of setting a trail, add flour and allow to simmer for around 2 hours. At this point the trail should be set and ready to serve. Mind you, ensure that the car park location is clear (correct on H5 and SH4 but not on MKH3) before starting. Even with the right map and announcements in the circle The Count still managed to start in Stockgrove, but he was not alone – 4 MK Hashers and 2 from Bicester were also there...but in traditional Hash brotherhood style, not talking to each other.

Meanwhile, in Rushmere car park, the pack gathered, unusually waiting 10 minutes to allow stragglers to join. Double Entry was bouncing up and down with glee. "I've got it she screamed. He's not here!" With 4 wayward MK hashers en route from Stockgrove to Rushmere, we decided to set off with Leroy and Semi leading the way and Rapid hanging on to see what he could pick up (2 dog walkers and a group of girl guides for the record) . A further 10 mins and 2 more cars arrived, so rather than following the trail, we decided to short cut to Stockgrove, where we would meet the pack and then complete the final two thirds of the trail. Therefore, the first third was a mystery to me. All I could hear was the occasional shout and the Hash horn.

Having made Stockgrove car park in good time, I set off back down the trail to discover that the Count had also done so and was now on the trail with the rest of the pack. A quick regroup, time for Leroy to talk to another dog and to try and convince the Bicester hasher to leave his coffee and join us, then across the field and up to the top car park, where surprise, surprise, there were no extra Hashers waiting for us.

The long straight had the expected numbers, catching all the SH4 runners and the H5 FRBs Depth Charge and Count as well as Newie Haydn. From here we circled back through the woods, past the various carvings to the right car park.

As soon as we found the lost few, we jumped into our cars and headed to Leroy's. Semi said "don't worry, I know the way". But he didn't. Leroy said "Don't worry Count, I'll run you back to the car park for your car". But he didn't. He forgot between leaving the car park and turning right. About 50 metres.

.. brief respite from waiting for stragglers

Blow Felt after Pussies

Dicky the Minstrel: ace on uke

In the end we all arrived safely at Leroy's being joined by all sorts of hangers-on to drink beer, eat BBQ food and scoff cake. We couldn't even be bothered with a circle. As the evening wore on the entertainment commenced. Not content with being an ace bugler, Minstrel Dicky Leroy demonstrated his prowess with a ukelele. We now, as a group, feel sorry for Bangers when he has to cross a stile and will all be keeping a more careful eye on Lady P. I'm pretty sure there will be an opportunity to find out more.

On On
Rapid Withdrawal

As Count completed 0.8 of the Hash (as measured by Strava) the hares have decided to award the run count accordingly .... DE 1 Count 0.8. An appeal has already been lodged...

How The GM Did 1171