Run 1170

Sunday 15 September 2013

The White Horse, Tea Green

Hares: Spunk Bubble and Ringer


H5 zig-zag into Autumn

Not frisky enough for The Capt

Leroy takes his medicine

For those that missed it at 1170, Fat Controller has 'composed' a new set of lyrics to the tune of Brian Hyland's 1962 & 1975 hit 'Sealed With a Kiss', to be sung in the Circle on the return of Underlay.
Play the audio. Click the lyrics below for a better view.

How The GM Did 1170

Leroy woos Nik-Nak on French harp

The Bouncy Controller

The GM pays attention

[Neatly segueing from words to Words...]

08.30am Sunday morning...Bright and sunny, clear and dry, the hares arrive at the rendezvous

09.30am...Slightly cloudy, still sunny and dry

10.30am...Cloudy and windy, runners arrive

11.00am...the hash sets off into the fierce wind. After two false trails, the hash picked up the trail over the ploughed field and zigzagged uphill. After following another false trail down the other side of the hill, the pack blundered around until Nik-Nak finally called onon into Stubbocks wood. Hazards encountered included several nettle stings and pointy twigs. Sadly it was too early in the day to spot the resident Muntjacs.

11.30am...The hash emerge from the wood and into a field where shooting practice was occurring. So we ran the other way. Another false trail was picked up heading down hill and of course the correct direction lay up hill. Leroy’s horn called onon and the trail emerged onto a bend in the road and right onto nice muddy track that led up to a field of horses. Neigh problem, one excitable stallion had eaten all the flour and was not in the mood to play with the Captain. Then onon to the check on the edge of Cockernhoe village green. As soon as Leroy had finished serenading Nik-Nak with the horn, the hash had to find the ongoing path through Bricklin wood.

12.00pm...As the pack arrive back at the White Horse the wind was getting colder but a friendly Spongebob bouncy castle was there to brighten the day up. Leroy had to drink some medicinal beer as penalty for excessive use of his horn and someone Nik-Nak? earned a downdown for excessive innuendoes...

12.30pm...the rain started.

OnOn to Leroy's Birthday Bash and BBQ, aka Run 1171
Spunk Bubble