Run 1169

Sunday 8 September 2013

The Red Lion, Studham

Hares: Legs 11 and Capt Fantaaaaastic


You're fooling no one Rapid ...

... "Caution"? "Ignore" more like

In an Ideal World hashes would be like this

What I did in my summer holidays by Legs 11:

On bright and beautiful summer morning I set off to have a run with the hash. The hash is an international running group where people enjoy a mix of exercise and alcohol, their slogan is "a drinking club with a running problem". So we left from the Red Lion, Studham having already discovered that we weren't the only people making good use of the weather. There was a large competitive group of long distance runners, a group of high speed cyclists and group of ramblers/walkers. After having been going for only a few moments the group were eagerly 'checking it out' with a few on calls that quickly turned out to be false trials. The group kept together well heading for a brief spell through the forest where they discovered the first of two new checks, the who check – a check where the hares pick a few hashers of their own choice for their own reasons to check it out. Then having found the right path the group headed through the fields and down to the extra grounds of Whipsnade zoo, where they discovered the second of the new checks – the animal check. This check means that anyone who has a pet is required to check it out.

Shortly after this we reached the crossover of this rare figure of eight run at the church then it was on on to the three Bs stop where the hash enjoyed beer (courtesy of Private Parts from the remainders of his wedding drink) and black berries (courtesy of the lovely British countryside). This resulted in an even rarer mid-run circle where down downs were awarded for all manner of things from misbehaving dogs to a rather peculiar anniversary. Then it was back to the pub for more drinks and delicious cakes made by the lovely Lady P and one of the hares, Captain F. The sun stayed out and the rainier weather held off till just moments after the last of the hashers had headed home.

All in all (from what I have heard from the other hashers) a very good run with a much appreciated beer and blackberries stop and good weather.

So on on to next week.

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