Run 1168

Sunday 1 September 2013

The Crown, Willington

Hares: Knobber & Shagpile


Subby, Oscar, Edwina and 5 Baah: Checking

Gorjoyce: Apres and Pongo stand-in

Edwina 123: Wrong motor mate!

There we were, sitting outside The Crown at Willington, chatting with the lovely Landlady Lorraine and Atomic Titten looking forward to Leroy's run for what she thought would be his 40th birthday, when the church clock struck 11am and we realized that only (x+1) hashers had been arsed to turn up. So, after the polygon, what there was of a pack set off into the village to begin the trail.

Five Baah, despite being hampered through carrying a fridge on his back, found the first falsie, then CRK the second, before Shuffle picked up the right trail out towards the ancient part of the village. After a held check, most were on the trail although Rapid and Bangers checked out a false trail into a meadow, while the rest of the pack were checking out the alleyway and church grounds so there was a natural regroup at the Dovecote and Stables.

These buildings were designed and built by Sir John Gostwick in 1529, and pigeons and eggs from the dovecote were included in the banquet prepared for Henry VIII, when he visited Willington in 1551 and stayed chez Gostwick, the Willington Manor House. King Henry arrived in one of Cardinal Wolsey's cars – a brand that became very famous – and at the end of his journey was "gasping for a pint", so Sir John took him round to The White Hart, which he enjoyed and knighted the pub, and gave it the Royal name of "The Crown". He visited the pub before he returned to Court, although very briefly as Cardinal Wolsey was driving and they were in a hurry, so they shared a pint between them. It was from this event that the phrase "Half a Crown" was coined.

Shuffle found the trail up to the lakes, and eventually to the check where the angry fisherman appeared and shouted to the pack. We couldn't work out exactly what he was saying, but it did appear that he was confused by the fishhooks that Shagpile had laid around the lake to ensure that FRBs CRK, Rapid and Shufflecock did not stretch out the line too far. This caused a split in the pack and concern about Shagpile with his gammy knee, whilst Five Baah disappeared altogether.

Soon, the pack arrived at the Danish Camp and the On Inn to return to the Crown and a nice pint of Eagle. Subby left before the circle as she was taking Oscar to find phones in a field. It seems that she has her rhyming slang confused. However, the circle was illuminated by the arrival of Gorjoyce, and then Lost Cause, Capn F and Tarzan. In the absence of Thongo, Gorjoyce gave a mellifluous summary of the run, meanwhile Five Baah reappeared, complete with fridge, in time to receive a down down for being a Fishermans Friend. Other down downs went to the Hares, CRK, for appearing in the Words whilst not being present at all, and Edwina for not bringing his hairdresser car, as Rapid had brought his (or is it Mrs Rapid's?).

On On to Studham

Shagpile and Knobber

The Pack: on full throttle

Five Baah: Fisherman's Friend

Atomic: "Can I wash this please?"