Run 1167

Monday 26 August 2013

The White Hart, Upper Sundon

Hares: Forking Dick Chair and Nik Nak


Happy Couple #1: Frau and Shuffle Engaged

Happy Couple #2: Mr and Mrs Parts next week

Blow-Felt is named but not de-floured

Why tart-up her son, Don? That was the only clue that Double Entry had, but she cunningly deduced where run 1178 was being held [well WE were all at run 1167 FDC: Asst. Ed.]. Gathered underneath the spreading chestnut tree the hash assembled, guided there by Bangers impromptu road sign. Love is in the air, with soon to be wed Private Parts and Triple Screw. Another with a pressing engagement was Frau Krafty Rot who will soon be known as Frau Shufflecock. It was hot, as were the barmaid Lauren and her man, Andrew. He comes from Vancouver where he is a proud south-sider.

Off into the heat the hash disappeared, passing the road closure into the Sundon Country Park where birthday boy Edwina 123 enjoyed the view to the north. Over the road there was a view to the west, but Count Roadkill still couldn't see his house. After climbing the hill to the Red Lion, what was originally a B for beer stop mysteriously became sabotaged into a 13-to-the-back check, the number of eager hashers turning up exceeding both Nik Nak and Forking's expectations. It was past the curry house where Pussies Galore and Dave (soon to be christened as Blow-Felt) became FRBs. Some runners became walkers as they picked blackberries along the way to the view to the South. Ruby [Knotch shurely?] and Pecker eagerly climbed the few steps to look, but there is more chance they would have seen Ringer's house than their own. In the bar there were several guest ales but the Golden Sheep was the most in demand. Several down downs were performed, many without flour, but Blowers felt flour sprinkled on his head most. Triple Screw was also given her married name of Happy Snaps. Should PP also have a new name, how about Prince Enlarged and Framed for starters...

Join us next Sunday at 11 at The Crown, Willington. The following Sunday you can see Legs at The Red Lion, Studham.

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How The RA Did 1167

Birthday Hat for Edwina looking North

Hot and fit Newbees Lauren and Andrew

Two name changes in one week: Fork My Brains Out Three Times