Run 1166

Monday 19 August 2013

The Chequers, Little Gransden

Hares: Biggles, Shaggy and Syzslak


"83 to the back" was one suggestion

Deca Mug for Dogs Bollox

Stand-in HM PP

Having laid a hash earlier in the year at the Chequers, when it looked slightly different due to the countryside being covered in snow, Cardiac and myself volunteered to lay one in the summer. Unfortunately Cardiac had work issues and so in stepped his boys. Biggles had downloaded a new app onto his phone which basically pinpoints where you on the screen, i.e a satellite navigation system, l have a paper version which us older folk call a map. So with the old and new technology we set off to lay something that would resemble a hash run. Having three hares laying a run is quite a bonus, especially if two of them are younger than you, so Biggles and Syzslak aka Harry Haircut/Sherlock, laid most of the false trails, while l enjoyed a walk in the countryside. I could bore you with more details how we laid a false trail which lead to Little Gransden's one and only quagmire and in the summer.

We were back at the pub by 6.50 pm, the pub opened at 7.00pm, and it would have been rude not to partake in some refreshments, while waiting for the hashers to Circle up and after the usual banter, it was check it out.

OK, so we were running in the holiday season, we gathered that we may not have many FRBs, it was a Monday evening run, some people may not want to exert themselves, but having to see Cardiac has the main FRB....... it is inconceivable, preposterous, too much, outlandish, dubious and just cockeyed.

The pace was dreamy, plodding, laggard, slothful, pedestrian and basically phlegmatic.

The hares even did some of the numbered checks, l did two, l bet my co-hares did more than me. We thought it may have been too short, guess what, l think it was too long. Anyway it was still enjoyable.

So back at the pub l was greeted by two returnees Penetrator and Ringkisser, great to see them again, and have a chat. Cardiac was the secret RA, downs were awarded to Pussies and Dave, for calling Cardiac an athlete, Dogs Bollux for ten runs, and a happy big birthday down-down for Lush.

On On

Shaggy, for Biggles and Syzslak

How The Count Did 1166

FRB(!) and Secret RA Cardiac

A very happy Lush

Dave and Pussies, think Cardiac athletic?