Run 1165

Monday 12 August 2013

The Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Hares: Gorjoyce, Stallion and BOF


Two returns deserve a beer

The sweet smelling lavender fields

One of those Hang About Checks

[Since none of the three hares CBA to write their own Words, it falls to the Deputy Scribe to pen some]

A large circle gathered in the car park of The Plume of Feathers on an evening that looked fine, but could possibly turn otherwise - "I felt a few spots of rain" reported Shagpile optimistically. A couple of newies were introduced: Steve – who is known to Cambridge H3 – and Pongo's grandson Kingsley. It being their local hostelry, old friends of H5, Googly and Kermit, decided to join us for an outing, as did Sludge – good to see them all again. The hares made brief mention of a busy road to crossed twice and lavender fields, but otherwise it was On-Out. A few false trails were checked out before the pack picked up the scent.

A long loop led to the bridge crossing the railway, where the FRBs decided to hold the check as the rest of the pack was about 0.5 mile behind, including GM Rapid Withdrawal, who had run to within about 50yds of where the FRBs would soon be holding, only to find a false trail and have to go all the way back round the loop. Ahh, bless – [click the link below to see the GMs track]. Then followed a long straight run up to the Stotfold Road near to the old Wilbury pub, now called The Gardners Arms I believe.

Next we headed round the Lavender Fields, where a group were in amongst it with cameras, both still and video. The GM knowledgeably informed us that a rare butterfly, the Lavender Pink [Euphaedra hewitsoni], had been spotted by the butterfly equivalent of 'twitchers'.

Back down at the road, the dodgy bend under the railway bridge had to be negotiated, with front hare Stallion and back hare Gorjoyce conducting hashers and traffic, much to the non-amusement of White Van Man, who spluttered a heap of abuse at us before stalling his engine – oh we did titter!! A final loop brought us (well me anyway) back to the pub in about 1hr 20 mins.

A goodly supply of down-downs was purchased, eliciting a comment of "Can we afford this?" from Hash banker Count Roadkill. Afford it? Of course we can afford it, after all we had 3 hares, 2 newies, 2 returnees and a hashiversary (Ringer's) to commemorate. RA minion Ringer was joined by secret RA Private Parts to distribute the remainder of the down-downs. Water-rat ScoobieDoo took it upon himself to 'bless' the hashit on his backside and between Forking's legs [ooh err missus], so naturally he (ScoobieDoo) was awarded the hashit.

How The GM Did 1165

Scooby in Wet Feet shock

Sludge spoils Hash Flash sunset special

Newbees accept their "beers"