Run 1164

Monday 5 August 2013

The Duncombe Arms, Waresley

Hares: Capt F & Karmen Suits Ja


Birthday for The HM ...

.... Anniversary for The Desert ...

... so Gorjoyce does her little dance

Another glorious Hash Monday? Poor Hairs after changing plan A (laying trail on this wonderful sunny Sunday morning) to plan B doing it on Monday before the hash. Just when we get started Heaven opened his big gate and meant it really good with us, but hashers are crazy, Taff creatures [welsh? .. Ed]… we thought so, but soon plan B changed to plan C, means shortcut for all hashers, still full of energy we carried on but soon plan C changed to plan D, means to shorten shortcut again.

Drowned as rats,"Pudelnass" or" wie die begossenen Pudels" [wet as poodles? .. Ed] we managed and returned to Pub und fieberten der nexten Runde entgegen...aber siehe da der liebe Gott hatte ein einsehen [and excitedly towards the circle ... but lo and behold the love God had a view? .. Ed] and just before the run started the rain stopped and we was so happy that 13 hashers turned up... the chicken run started !

Unfortunately not much happened, Custard, Atomic & myself deeply missed Scooby on this hash, he would like all this mud and Pfuetzen [shiggy? ..Ed] to jump in and out...Count tried to metering the chickens (struggled already to counting 13 hashers on the list) & and he counting happily ever after – Amen

All managed this super long walk and returned dry and some very hungry to the starting point, this lovely warm Pub. Atomic T (always hungry) bets with the landlord if he can bring a start dish in less than 8 minutes, hi hi, he did.

As it was Custard and Spotted Dick 30 years wedding anniversary, there was ready for the candle light dinner, just started the "romantic dinner" what a pity, everybody had to join the circle, dauntless to carry on whilst circling and down downs, Lady P volunteered as "Bunny & Waitress" and passed the chips around we got kindly donated from the happy couple's meal...Ach, sorry I forgot one of the happy hasher's aged again 1 year, guess who?

All in all a normal not to exiting but very, very wet hare experience and hash Monday... All Quiet on the Hasher's Front

On on to the next Adventure Monday the 12th of August – Ickleford


How The RA Did 1164

Spotted Dick somewhere under the rainbow

When it comes to hens there's free range ...

... and there's not so free range