Run 1163

Saturday 3 August 2013

Cycle Treasure Hunt

The Cricketers, Redbourn

Hares: Shagpile and Depth Charge


Jo's Boys -1 study the questions

Twicza and Zebedee ignore the lure of the Landlady

Lady P & The Count modestly accept the prize

There was a splendid turn out for the annual H5 BASH that took place on a very sunny Saturday in Redbourn.

Some people had obviously been waiting all year for this and were very keen indeed. Jo's boys -1 being the keenest with them arriving the night before and sleeping in the car park so they could be the first team off. Equipped with instructions and GPS tracking device containing a fragile item in need of transporting around the route Screamer, Smiffo and one boy Munchkin set off like the wind determined to be back first.

More bashers arrived and the next Team of Rapid, Forking and Fat Controller obviously had got stuck in the 80s and all thought they were reminiscing about misspent youth, or perhaps it was because they'd met early for a big fry up at Forking's that they called themselves The Breakfast Club. As the theme tune to the film went 'Don't you forget about me' and how could we as the Three Stooges pedalled off in search of clues.

Next of was the quartet of The Count, Lady P, Twiczer and Zebedee affectionately known as The Silly Sods. In determined style they indeed set off to 'follow the Count'.

Then an all-girl Team called The Hairy Test-cycles consisting of Double Entry, Boris (on a borrowed bike, but not a Boris Bike), Spunk Bubble and Capt F (Shurely Shome Mistake!) were firm favourites (i.e. they could multitask - ride a bike and solve clues).

They set off just before Team Raspberry named probably after the noises that Cardiac was making after finding out that Skidmark, Farkle and Felicia were in his Team, along with Dogs Bollox and Syzslak. The noises continued down the road as it sounded like Cardiac was having a domestic with himself.

The final Team was Mekon, Fizzy and Split Blox who arrived last and set off last after shedding bolts between home and the start. The Latecomers set off at a brisk walking pace.

Great, a nice sit in the sun, drink a beer and watch the cricket I thought. Not likely. Shagpile had conveniently left bike at home and brought along Rainbow and Lilly, so I had to 'sweep' and make sure everyone got round and dust was laid at major junctions. Various Teams were spotted at various points around the course – first The Latecomers were found at the Cricketers about 100 metres from the start looking for clues.

Tracy opens up The Rose & Crown for us

Der Fat Controller takes no chances

And finally ...

Next The Harey Testcles were spotted having split their team in two to ensure all clues were found. Next I heard Raspberries as Cardiac was still moaning and then on to find some Silly Sods who had also split their team to find all the clues. Some back and forward pedalling to ensure that those I had passed were still following the right track, then led me to find The Brakefast Club had managed to force some unsuspecting landlady to open her pub whether she liked it or not. Beer was provided but bacon, egg, sausage and fried bread was definitely not on the menu and they had to make do with crisps.

On On in search of Jo and her boys (minus one) and I didn't find them until I got back to the start where Shagpile and Ringer, watching the cricket, said they'd finished just after I left. More and more teams arrived at the finish and only one managed to damage the contents of the secure GPS container, let me give you a clue who it was, there was some moaning and whinging!

Off in search of the final teams to arrive and I find the final team on the approach top the penultimate Clue. Some grimacing from Boris, as the very un-lady like saddle she had wasn't comfortable and grimacing from the rest of the Team as none of them knew anything about the members of Steps or the number of members (was it 5,6,7,8?).

All teams safely back and after dodging cricket balls specifically aimed at Rapid, it was beer, picnic and awards. It was a very close run thing with the Winners being The Silly Sods!

Silly Sods 179.. Jo's Boys -1 178.. The Break Wind Club 178.. Hairy Test Cycles 176 (best brush up on Steps for next year).. Latecomers 110.. Raspberries 21

Thanks to Shagpile for doing the majority of the trail and sorting prizes etc, Ringer for turning up for moral support and all the competitors for actually turning up and riding round on what turned out to be a very pleasant day.

On On to 1164 at the Duncombe Arms Waresley.

Depth Charge