Run 1162

Monday 29 July 2013

The Compasses, Greenfield

Hares: Forking and Rapid


Hash Flash caught up to capture this elegant shot ...

One of the Newbees gets up to speed

Wot No Mum? with Newbees

The afternoon thunderstorm wetted the flour but didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the hashers who turned out. An unexpected early arrival was Nik Nak. A warm welcome was made to Sucks Wallow and Who The Fcuk Is Christine both from the Hong Kong hash.

Once the on out had been called it was a couple of minutes later that Hash Flash caught up in Greenfield High Street. Lady Pee spoke of Edwina 123 arriving late in the car park so healthy helping arrows showed him and Returnee London Fag the way [at least half of the editorial team were disappointed LF did not bring his mum this time]. About a third of the way round a crop field was traversed that had been used only a fortnight ago. As the harvest had since been collected Ringer could plainly see what had once been around his waist was now only about his ankles.

At the alleged dogging shed Fat Controller spoke very knowledgeably about the local practices carried out there, from how cars were parked and where the business was performed. Atomic Titten then took a surprise lead as FRB through the sheep field on the way to the ladies check. Double Entry was first to get her leg over the chained gate and head towards the Roman earthworks. Recently it is said that local historians whilst excavating the site were fingering through some old slag heaps to find a closet that shows up to the time of Pompei, Frankie Howard and John Inman were both camping here [see pic top right?]. Others just say the dyke was built around the camp.

At the bar the weather was discussed, some saying the heatwave could return and as the mercury rises a nameless harriet said it could hit 50 in August. Others are much more comfortable at 31, which coincidentally is It'S megmerelda's birthday. Fellow birthday boy Thongo admittted to being older but was happy at 32, having lived at 34 for many a year.

Frau Krafty Rot was awarded the Forkin' T-Shirt as she sported no hash attire that evening. Notable absentees were Pussies and her man Dave, whose naming is taking longer than that of the royal baby. Any witty suggestions of names should be passed on a crisp fiver to your esteemed RA Depth Charge.

Here is the horoscope for the next weeks run in August. Leo: there is good news in the air. The next few weeks would be a good time to buy a surprise present. Someone you may know has forthcoming celebrations. A popular publication, such as 50 Shades of Grey, may suffice.

On on to Cycle Treasure Hunting

Forking Dickchair

How A Hare Did 1162

.. followed by a pic that makes us look like runners!!!

Hares put all their dust into the ON INN