Run 1161

Monday 22 July 2013

The Royal Oak, Barton-le-Clay

Hares: Nik Nak and Thongo


Shagpile caught, bang to rights

As neat a row of Hashers as you'll see

A Birthday record from Gorjoyce

With daytime temperatures reaching a record high of 33 deg so far, we heard the murmured sounds of relief that we would be going through cool alleys and shaded woods. It was a tight circle that formed due to the fact that the car park was so small and without a GM, HM, ms'HM and RA it was down to Hon Sexy P.P. & RA stand in & minion Capt F to commence proceedings. Formalities over, the Hares gave due attention to Health & Safety and to Pongo's sagacity it was felt the need to escort the on on across the main road before letting the pack loose.

The Count lead many on level ground falsies, Bell End complained he was misled by a chalked arrow, but it soon became apparent that we were heading for the dizzy heights of Barton Hills. At a held check As-yet-to-be-named Dave, resplendent in the warm woolly multi-coloured Dior Hashit viewed the task ahead and looked lovingly at the short-haired Shetland ponies along the trail to the left but was dissuaded by a Pussy and took the false. We took the short steep route to the sun-lit uplands commonly known as 'The Springs' and admired the magnificent views. Any moans about climbing the Barton Hills were soon forgotten as we took in the cool evening breeze. A shortcut was offered if anyone fancied the cheese rolling option down the ravine.

On On and an attempt to thwart the pack was prevented by D.E. because "I know there is a gate the other end". Shagpile without his pets (yes we miss Underlay) was the FRB for most of the trail although he & others ignored the fishhooks. Using the old excuse of lack of dust (flour is hard to recognise against chalk) a renegade breakaway group of The Count, Ringer, Private Parts, Shagpile, Capt F and Bell End formed, never to be seen on the trail again. Despite Lady P and Forking's loud cries to On Back the remainder went alone to observe the On Inn and finish the trail.

Talk about perfect timing, the pack arrived back at the Royal Oak just in time to catch the breaking news of the royal birth sharing the same birthday as absent Bangers and the appearance of 'a long time no see' 'Smegmerelda. An invitation to occupy the garden was aborted when the gate was padlocked against us so circle up was performed on the grass verge alongside the old A6. The hares were duly awarded their down downs including a second call in to the circle to down a short measure of Pernod (other liquorice flavoured liquors are available) apropos short measures of flour.

Gorjoyce in birthday hat set a new record by not throwing her down-down, a good measure of 15ml was downed in one. Shagpile told such a dreadful joke that he had to be awarded a a down-down. Forking was pleased to award the T-shirt to Nik Nak. The Dior Hashit went to? Find out next week...

On On to Greenfield

Nik Nak and Thongo

Another Warning Notice: are they aimed at H5?

You could see for miles from The Springs

A drink for Dad's Birthday? Outrageous