Run 1158

Monday 8 July 2013

The Sizzlin' Wok, Bedford

Hares: Atomic and Rapid


Scooby scored 0.1 for this dive

Scooby on mission in kids playground

At last: they've come to take him away

I have this feeling of déjà vu when writing this 'a small but select band of hashers gathered at.....' Why are my runs so poorly attended? Could it be the lack of salubrious venue this time I wonder? Anyway answers to Rapid on the back of a postcard please.

As we were gathering on a main road in Bedford, having a circle and down-downs was a cause for concern as we thought the good burghers of Bedford might not welcome boozing on the highway. We decided to circle-up in the desolated car park opposite which meant Depth Charge chilling the beer. Gloom! My knees are shot and struggle to support my 12-stone frame, but I was happy to step in with Edwina shipped off to China. Edwina was kind to me and Atomic as he had already prepared the route. Mind you, if you look carefully at the photo on the right showing Atomic Titten plying her trade, you'll see that someone had already put up a suitable sign.

Count Roadkill had a bit of a moan about the surroundings, but once the ON-OFF was called the trail quickly went through some of the nicer parts of the town. Bedford Park provided an opportunity to meander through the shrubbery and around the ponds. The trail then led out of the park past the hi-tech loo (20p a go, but the bloody doors wouldn't open! Gnashing of teeth, hop, skip and waddle) where the pack was led by Depth Charge and Count with the SCB (AKA Knitting Circle) consisting of Lady P, Lost Cause and everybody else. Some sneaky falsies fooled most of the pack, except for Scoobie who had spotted the trail continuing up the track.

A bit more park running had to be endured before arriving at the car park where the circle and DDs could be held. No surprise that the beer was warm after all the heat. Down Downs went to the hares for being thoroughly good eggs, Lady P for something-or-other, the RA for something to do with his shorts. CRK was there as well as everybody else, but not Spunk Bubble or Capt F goodness knows why; it was yesterday FFS and I can't remember what happened this morning!

After that it was on-on across the road, no doubt to the amusement of the Monday night doggers and then ON INN to The Sizzling Wok. The meal was just fab. You can mix and match your own menu and spices. The Alsatian meat was nice and tender, the turkey feet went down a real treat and squid spleen was heavenly!

Déjà vu ? it was Run 950, 208 hashes ago. On on to Summer Posh Nosh

Mr Withdrawal and Ms Titten

How The Count Did 1158

So, who's paying and who's displaying?

GM finds salubrious spot to circle without ...

.... the Too Hungry to Circle pair