Run 1157

Monday 1 July 2013

Rowney Warren, Chicksands

Hares: Capt F and Shagpile


Spot the runner

Frau, Hashit, proud

"Don't jump off the roof Dad"

A live-haring-from-the-middle-of-the-pack run [Dep Ed].

It had all the makings of The Best Run Ever Laid (by Capt F and Shagpile) in Rowney Warren. Unlike the previous years, the weather was kind to us, the sun shone and the birds tweeted. The woods were busy with dog walkers and at least two packs of cubs/beavers/scouts/viet cong.

After dealing with a severe congestion problem in the car parking area, the pack set off across the road in search of the trail. The first falsie decoyed the FRBs and left an opportunity for Kisses Anytime and Frau KR to take the lead. "A rare event" said Fat Controller. Down into the valley went the trail. A few late arrivals caught up in the shape of Lush, Underlay, Cardiac, Szyslak and Biggles. These last two were by far the fittest hounds in the pack and did just about all of the front running from then on.

Submissive (no photos please!) and Shufflecock dashed off on two different false trails before the FRBs found the real route. Shortly after this some doubt about the trail's way began to creep into both the hare's minds [a hare with multiple minds? Scary! - Dep Ed]. As anyone who has laid a run in Rowney Warren in summertime will tell you, one tree looks much like another, so there was a fair chance that hares may become confused as to where trail went. Capt Fantaaastic whispered that a secret, secondary trail marking should have been used to indicate to the hares which was the proper trail. It's an idea! However, dust was being found by the pack so all was well for the time being.

A longish path had then to be followed, stringing out the pack before the held check was reached where everyone reconvened. It was just after this that real confusion set in. I suspect that the trail had been sabotaged by the aforementioned cubs [beavers actually - Dep Ed], as a check disappearance caused the pack and hares to run onto part of the later trail. A con-flab ensued, much to the pack's amusement before the hares worked out where the trail went.

Fortunately the rest of the run went to plan, despite Rapid's attempt to inject more confusion by standing on the dust at one point. It was all back to the car park for a fab BBQ.

Down Downs went to:
Lush for talking in the circle
Pongo for 'chivalry' of all things!
Fat Controller for using the 'W' word
Underlay for being tardy
and some others which were so obscure that I have forgotten what it was all about.

On On to punting and the Sizzling Wok!

Shagpile & Capt Fantaaaastic

There was a lot of it about

Rampant chivalry broke out...

...or was it SotH?

BBQ, blazing –

– Hashers, hungry –

– "Man make fire, woman cook" –

– Lush, loquacious –

– Sinners, surfeit, sentenced –

– Pongo, punished

For those that missed the rendition, here are the lyrics to Fat Controller's ditty 'Don't Jump Off the Roof Dad'
Lyrics by Cy Coben. Sung by Tommy Cooper (1961)

Daddy came home from w**k tired
His boss had been driving him mad.
The kids were all shouting, the dog bit him too
His dinner was nothing but boiled over stew.

I guess it was then he decided
Up to the rooftop he'd go
He was about to jump off when
The kids started howling below.

Don't jump off the roof, Dad
You'll make a hole in the yard
Mother's just planted petunias
The weeding and seeding was hard.

If you must end it all, Dad
Won't you please give us a break
Just take a walk down the park, Dad
And there you can jump in the lake.