Run 1156

Monday 24 June 2013

The Pox, Firton

Hares: Boris and Rapid Withdrawal


Skippy leads the pack

Hands up at the held check

Anonymous Harriette accepts Down Down

Help! Came the call from Boris. My boiler has blown up and I can't now set the trail on Sunday am. That had been the plan. Whilst I was setting 1155 at Albury, Boris would set 1156 at Pirton and Monday pm I would add a couple of false trails, sagely discuss the trail and claim another trail set. A bit like an Executive Chef, the role of the Executive Hare. It wasn't to be. So, Sunday PM freshly shaved and showered after the weekend, it was time to drive my Car and meet Boris in Pirton. As I arrived, I saw her standing there so I parked my car. I'm Down she said, my boiler has broken, not the first time, not a second time, but for a third time. It's finished and I'm gonna sit right down and cry. I have been crying, waiting, hoping, but now let's get on with it and set the trail.

It's been a while since we hashed in Pirton, possibly one after 909, I remember it as September in the rain. However, today the Sun King was really shining on us, but it was a little chilly. It didn't stop a healthy turnout and we were set for the Hash.

It was great to see returnee Bam and we all started by saying hello little girl. It was yesterday we set the trail announced Boris, but it should all be there. How do you do it? The Count asked me. I set it the night before I advised and I feel fine.

And so we were off. Being for the benefit of Mr Kite (and any other latecomers) we left an arrow, heading to the church and though the village, eventually starting the climb up the long and winding road. Numbers and checks mainly kept the pack together, with our young blood Skippy leading the way. Subby, searchin', cheated by asking other walkers if they had seen the trail, but she soon found a number; don't pass me by I laughed as I told her that she had to run for your life to the back. Further up we came to a held check where Fat Controller called for everybody to come together and wait for the back markers. Having regrouped it was down to the hill and across the road.

Returnee Bam attempts cover up

Capt F and Down Down

Spunk Bubble and Thongo's turn

At this point Count and Subby were overheard discussing how to increase their run count: with DE away, we could Hash eight days a week, he suggested. Looping back to the road, Spunk Bubble made the mistake of talking to me and this is what she said. She said something about drawing a cock which I just don't understand. Again crossing the road and heading up we spotted RA Depth Charge at the top, truly the fool on the hill. At this point we lost the FRBs. They ignored a girl check and despite calls by back markers Lady P and Kisses to slow down, they continued into the distance. The final regroup was just before Lush's favourite cow field (Yes it is). Ringer spotted a small bird in the tree making a chirping noise and Rapid spotted a silent blackbird. And your bird can sing commented Rapid to Ringer.

Back to the pub via the church to find Capt F still waiting for us with his dodgy toe safely hidden in an old brown shoe.

No cake! Not even a wild honey pie, so after a long delay waiting to be served, the circle was called. Boris was awarded a beer, Rapid a lager shandy, but he is a man of class you know. We discovered that Frau had not brought the Hashit with her. Apparently PP had called to offer a lift and Shuffle answered saying that she's leaving home now, but was able to stop her in time – unfortunately meaning she left the Bacardi-smelling garment in the boot.

So 2 hashes in 2 days with a little help from my friends Ringer and Boris. Time for me to head home and rest. Don't forget your Words shouted Count. I'll start when I get home I replied. I'll be on my way...

The End.

This week's images are called "Heroes and Villains"

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Forking Dickchair checks in...

Hello, everybody. It's Forking Dickchair here. It's just a few lines to let you know that Caroline and I are having a lovely time out here in Canada. We arrived safely, and were picked up from the airport by my cousin, and after a short drive, we were soon in his lovely home. On the range, was cooking a lovely game stew that was a welcome change to the flight meals. I told my cousin that it was very tasty, and so the other day he took Caroline and I to where the deer and the antelope play. I've shot firearms when I was in the army, and asked him if I could have a go. He told me that it is illegal as I do not have a firearms licence, but seldom is heard a discouraging word if visitors want to shoot game.

Caroline and I have also been on a train ride across the plains and had beautiful views where the buffalo roam from the Observation Car, and skies were not cloudy all day. It got a bit boring sitting looking at all that scenery, so I told Caroline that I was going to take a walk through the train and go to the Restaurant Car to get us some drinks. As I passed through the carriages I spotted a man who I guessed had just had a really nice haircut. Being one not to miss out on such a tonsorial opportunity in a foreign country, I asked him where he had just got his hair cut? He told me that there was a Gent's Hairdresser's in the last compartment next to the Conductor's cabin. I rushed with baited breath past the Restaurant Car and found the Hairdresser's compartment, and guess what? The hairdresser was only the same Italian barber who had cut my hair when Caroline and I were on a Mediterranean cruise!