Run 1155

Sunday 23 June 2013

(Post Jordans)

The Valiant Trooper, Aldbury

Hares: Rapid Withdrawal and Ringer


The hash heads up from Aldbury

Zebedee takes a well earned rest

It's a Hare Shirt for Bangers too

Rapid and Ringer would like to thank you for attending Hash 1155 and in order to continually improve our trail setting would like you to complete the following survey. It should take no longer than 5 minutes of your time and all responses will be treated confidentially and entered into a prize draw.

Firstly, thinking about the Hares, would you say that:

Rapid is a man of class?

Yes or No

Ringer is fit for a man of his years?

Yes or No

Now, we would like to ask you some questions about the trail:

Was the trail a bit of a Limp?

Yes or No

Or did you find the length satisfying?

Yes or No

Do you think you could do more than 2.4 miles in an hour if there were frequent cake stops?

Yes or No

Should Lady P commission a Hash dog Poo bag that Subby and Leroy could fill and carry with them for future trails?

Yes or No

Should Zebedee plan future sightseeing trips en route to the start?

Yes or No

Harriettes (and possibly Count). How would you rate Ringer’s Erection

1 Low to 10 High

And would you be interested in mounting it for a small fee (£2.50)

Yes or No

If you were unable to join us this week, was it because:

You were suffering the after effects of cock burns (Capt F and Shagpile?)

Yes or No

Moving on to the Circle:

Is Frau a cheap date as she cannot taste the difference between coke & coke with Bacardi?

Yes or No

Does Leroy need anatomy lessons and guidance on how to drink?

Yes or No

Is it fair to punish Rapid for simply forgetting to bring his Hare T-shirt and flour?

Yes or Yes

If the wind changes direction will Skippy's face get stuck in a scowl?

Yes or No

Were you aware that Bangers likes to make up imaginary friends and put their names into sentences?

Yes or No

Would Pongo have said "Top run, lots of ups, great views and suitable for a day after the weekend before"?

Yes or No

And with regards to H5:

Do you support changing the Tag Line to 'A cake eating club with an ambling about problem'?

Yes or No

Did you know that the next run is set by Rapid and Boris at The Fox, Pirton, and will be rated as a 10?

Yes or No

Hash pose in Ashridge

150 Run award for Subby

Gorjoyce in full flow

How The GM Hared 1155