Run 1154

Monday 17 June 2013

The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

Hares: Nik Nak and Bangers 'n' Madge


Newbee Spunk Bubble captivated by FC oratory

Ringer pleased to catch the No 8 to Old Ford

Mystery person has a water

After searching for an available venue on the OS map and finding a very suitable location and surrounding path network Gustard Wood was planned, and I believe that it was the first time a Hash run had taken place there.

With help from Nik Nak the trail was laid, and a breathless hare arrived at the Chequers at 7-29 after checking the flour on a short loop laid the day before.

A goodly crowd were introduced to 'newee' Spunk Bubble and a glimpse of Captain F's birthday present...not a pretty sight. The hare was able to recover whilst we had a monologue from Fat Controller and was able to see the pack disperse in many directions along 'falsies' before heading out towards Lammer Wood and a held check.

As usual the FRB's were lured into the forest only to be called 'on back!'. After looping round to Bibsworth Hall farm where Ringer and the Count missed the waymarks between the stables and Scooby was disappointed to find an bath devoid of water, and other cries of 'is it live' were heard when trying to get their leg over or under the not-electric fence.

At the next check the pack headed towards Lammer House while the knitting circle of Kisses, Gorjoyce, Lady P and Custard legged it in the other direction and on the correct path but were caught by a number check and had to wait!

A 'lady check' at Harepark Spring failed to mislead anyone and the hare was urging the pack along the right trail with Shagpile muttering 'I've met a lot of lying hares before!'

Many number checks kept the pack together with Zebedee and Rapid most punished. Heading south through Lammer Park then turning sharp right on a nice wooded path leading to an open meadow and a held check close to the Mid Herts Golf Club.

After trying a nice wooded 'falsie' the trail led back to the road with Lady P making out her shoelace was undone so as to avoid one of the last 'numbers' before the 'ON INN' was encountered.

A friendly landlord made us welcome and the pleasant weather made for a good run. Down downs were drunk, announcements were made, and Gorjoyce was awarded the Hashit.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Bangers , Madge and Nik Nak....On On

How The RA Did 1154

Capt F pleased to show off his Birthday Pants

Scooby in desperate search for water

Hashit for Gorjoyce