Run 1153

Monday 10 June 2013

The Chequers, Houghton Conquest

Hare: Limp


The hash into King's Wood, together for now

PP crawls the final few metres to the top

Well, it was worth a try

Limp's last trail as a Hare for H5 was memorable.

A disappointing turnout for quite a pleasant, if chilly evening heard the Hare mutter something about his co-hare letting him down (let's call that an excuse) and having to leave us part way round to finish off the trail (let's call this a cop out).

Once S*bby had turned up we were 9 plus hare and we headed west as the generously laid flour bade us, making merry with farm implements as is our wont. But just as the contours started a short cut was indicated and off went the previous day's Tri Athlete heroines Underlay and Su*by. At this point the hare disappeared.

Then there were 7. The male members, if you'll pardon the expression, were a little surprised that, how can I put this, the harriettes among us did not feel more comfortable short cutting. There was a feeling that Double Entry, Lady P and Pussies Galore were perhaps knitting a little above their weight. But onward, and upward, we went through King's Wood eventually finding our way to the top of a hill over-looking a farm. From which we were greeted with a hollering that can be precised as "Gedorf my land".

Meanwhile, back in The Chequers, the hare had a pint.

Of course we indicated compliance, cursed the hare, and moved on. But the lad from Bury Farm was after us on a motor bike, just to make sure we left. Nice enough he was, giving us clues as to the best way home which seemed to coincide with dust, but panic set in at this point. Lady P and Private Parts decided to split and retrace their steps.

Then there were 5. And we were still a little nervous of our hare-less trail with Tuesday fast approaching. Rapid Withdrawal, Captain Fantaaaastic and Count Roadkill set off towards Houghton House in search of it with DE and Pussies faithfully following.

Meanwhile, back in The Chequers, the hare had another pint.

Out in the field we failed to find a trail through the House, but PP & Lady P were spotted by Capt F and a reunion attempted, while Rapid found the trail, dissaray ensued, DE and Pussies were forgotten, and it was every man for himself. Tired and late, in dribs and drabs, the hash returned, few if any of them over the moon. Some cleared off at this point missing a circle held around a very small table in the bar and mercifully song-less. RA Capt F read his list of misdemeanors, mostly by Rapid, and we fizzled out.

That was the last H5 Trail laid by Limp.

On On to better times at Gustard Wood

Your humble Scribe

Not that you can read it, but this beauty was labeled "RAPIDO"

Capt F waits, list in hand

Well done the Tri Athletes

We call this one "Sunset Over Stewartby"

How The GM Did 1153