Run 1152

Monday 3 June 2013

The Log Cabin, Great Barford

Hares: The Count and Lady P


Lush, The Frau and the iconic Barford Bridge

Skippy dips her feet in The Great Ouse

Old habits die hard as the GM "finds" a pot

Mrs Count took a bit of convincing. But eventually she accepted it. The 31st Anniversary is Log and a Cabin is an appropriate gift. Add a bit of nifty electrics, courtesy of Leroy, and a fridge, and it doubles as an H5 Venue. So Run 1152 was a side show for The Grand Log Cabin Opening Party.

Surprise guests were Returnees Giblets, Hinge (too big now for her hash t-shirt, she needed to borrow her mum's) and Rising Butt and the attendance could be described as bumper: attracted no doubt by promise of Lady P's nosh and a few cans of Double Dragon.

Off through the churchyard to a 5-way check and the pack obliged by running all 4 falsies to the full before heading back down to The Anchor, the 17 arch bridge and the river. But not before the FRBs fell for another false trail: as FC says "Don't you love it when a plan works?".

A long and winding path with a couple of number checks guided the pack up river within sight of Willington Lock where Capt Fantaaaastic was guilty of converting a neatly floured "8" into a Harriettes Check. Hinge found the correct trail towards the former Bedford to Sandy rail line and a straight mile. Rather fortuitously a 4-to-the-back fish-hook caught the very FRBSs who needed it – Giblets, Zebedee, Shuffle and Depth Charge

At the held check Subby and Oscar kept us amused with their latest routine which involves the poor lad playing dead when his mistress points two fingers at his head and says "bang". I'm sure a psychologist would explain why she loves to dominate him, but I'll not go there, just look on in envy. After the show the short cutters, including the clearly thirsty Forking and Private Parts, were sent straight back to the bridge and the proper hashers half way to Blunham first. A final twist took us across the weir footbridge and On Inn to Jordans.

Great to see Donut and Ward 10 in good form apres, and to see many others reverting to type. For example Forking was offering his mug up for any spare beer that was going, Shagpile had his kit off to accept the Hashit and Rapid "found" the RA's pot. Down-downs for these three, the Hares (doubled for an anniversary), the returnees, and Zebedee, Private Parts and Depth Charge for offences many and varied.

Finally the Hash wished Good Fortune to next weekend's Triathlete Trio: Subby, in the water, Underlay, bike, and runner Skidmark.

Nosh and hospitality must have been well appreciated as Hash Banker confirmed that the evening's donations to H5 charities broke all records.

On On to Houghton Conquest


Subby shoots Oscar but Jack cannot look

Good Luck to the Triathlon Trio

Shagpile needs a beer to go with Hashit

Post Script

With my Hash Flash hat on I need to apologise that a couple of the images are somewhat fuzzy. Truth is I dropped the Hash Camera into my beer. It happens.

The Forking Hashit was awarded to Forking - I think it was something to keep him warm in Canada. But strangely it seems to be half way up a cherry tree at Jordans the morning after the Hash.

Now how do you think that could have happened?

How The RA Did 1152