Run 1149

Monday 13 May 2013

The Kings Arms, Cardington

Hares: Lush & Edwina 123


Another perfect day for the knitters

Group Sex on the Hash

It's the RA's Birthday

Here's some words I have done - been on course ….

Edwina was going to add some but been working toooo hard and not had time!!!!!!

The Knitting Circle went for safety in numbers linking arms, what danger lay ahead?

Oscar had a Holy passing - well his "eviction" was scooped up and put in the Church bin lol!

Forking in his short shorts took the shorter short cut due to injury.

Oscar took the short cut proving that FRB's can have four legs, or was it to do with the rabbit he was after that spurred him on?

Back hare ended up confused and at the front as the front hare went to the back to look for AWOL Shufflecock and PP ……

Back hare took short cut - is that allowed? …… Wellie's and blisters OUCH!

A selected few FRB's found the "Body" … of water and managed to run round it.

Down Downs - ooops cant remember, BUT I LIKED MY CIDER …… !!!!

Soz rush rush - back to course!

Few bits put together in course break ….

On On to Breachwood Green


How The RA Did It

The FRBs find the Big Body

Hash Flash goes all arty over Body

HM Shuffle Cock takes Down-Down with pride