Run 1148

Monday 6 May 2013

The Bell, Odell

Hares: Double Entry & Shagpile


Perfect day for knitting

Birthday Hat for The Frau

200 Run Awards for Mekon and an unsuspecting Double

Double Entry had anticipated a low turn out for this run, as it was a little off the beaten track, so it was pleasing to see a fairly large turn out. The RA had done his stuff and the sun shone on the H5 family as they gathered at The Bell at Odell.

The Hash Mattress (Twicza) did the preliminaries in the circle, and the hares did the usual run brief which included the tantalising suggestion of a 'Regression Check'.

Early FRBs were the usual culprits, namely Zebedee, Count Roadkill, Depth Charge and Capt Fantaaastic plus a 'rareby', namely Air Con who has not been see on a hash for a while. They came upon the first check adjacent to a carved beaver/otter/llama - no one was sure but Capt F noted that Shagpile had a preference for beaver.

A good exploration was made of all the false trails by the aforementioned FRBs plus Subby and BOF but it was Underlay who sussed out the real trail. The pack followed on until a held check was discovered just before a road crossing. Having crossed the tarmac without any injuries, Zebedee went into over-drive (nandrolone intake maybe?) and took off at a rate of knots. Fortunately he has a knack of finding the falsies so he was soon back with the crowd. Shufflecock had a bad attack of gyro-wobble at this point and manged to fall and graze his leg.

The next check was a ladies one, and Subby led the way into the woods. The early bluebells provided a carpet of, well blue I think, and must have distracted the pack as no-one really bothered with the next check and false trails. It was shortly after that the 'SC' check was discovered. This was the regression check, where the hash were invited to think back to their childhood. The SC turned out to stand for a 'Sweety Check' and DE had bought along a supply of old fashioned sweets, such as pear drops, jaw breakers, liquorice laces, space dust etc. This turned out to be a very popular check as far as Fizzy was concerned!

The pack carried on, checking out the many false trails, found the real one and eventually left the woods and out into the sunlit meadows. Before much longer the On Inn was discovered and everyone was back safely.

Down-Downs were awarded to Lady P and Frau for their birthdays, Shagpile for the obvious beaver joke, Stallion for sun burnt legs, Edwina for swallowing something hard, Zebedee for lacking in springiness, and Capt Fantaaastic for branching out. Difficult as it is to believe it, but Mekon collected her 200 runs award after only 21 years hashing with H5. DE received her 200 award just 211 weeks after her first hash. And The Count picked up his 400 runs award with no stats worth repeating.

On On to Cardington

Shagpile & Double Entry

The Hash were taken back to their childhoods

A Fizzy blue tongue

400 Runs for The Count

How The RA Did It