Run 1147

Sunday 28 April 2013

The Three Horseshoes, Willian

Hares: Gorjoyce & Zebedee


It'smeg .... late and confused?

HM getting to know his circle

Subby ... wrong Horse?

As a 'Live Hare', writing the the wurds is a bit of a challenge, I run entirely on my lonesome until the Beer Stop. I must confess, my motivation for live haring is pure idleness as it saves having to lay the trail before the run. So familiar territory is essential and some idea of where your heading is handy. Apologises to the FRBs (you know who you are) for the numerous number checks and held checks to keep the pack was a case of too many is better than too few. I wanted to the trail to go through the 3 Small woods and the only practical way involved some straight runs, which means numbers to calm the FRBs.

Thanks to the RA for organising a stunning sunny morning with a cool breeze - perfect for running. After a brief spell of marshaling the car park and waiting for my Co-hare to clock in, I explained to the FRBs present to look for arrows to indicate the true trail, there would be no markings on any falsies and if after 50-100m there is no marking - it's a false trail! With these wise words, I set off at about 10:55 to lay the trail. The only live feedback I heard was Depth Charge shouting on-on to the FRBs as they left the second woods in the picnic area, as I was laying a short cut for the SCBs.


Being classified as the not so lively hare! I was given the position of backyard for this live run. I asked Zebedee if he wanted to do a reckky for the run and was told no need he knew the route as he lived nearby. So no map to follow heaven bid, should the Hash get lost. Saying that even though there are maps on the Hash web site Lush went to The Fox in Willian and Subby managed to take herself to The Three Horseshoes, Norton.

We circled up behind the pub, sent off Zebedee while we counted to 100, childish I know.... But a good plan. Off we set looking for the arrows, just as It'smeg arrived on her push bike, a little late to catch up so went off to walk the dogs with Shagpile. Meanwhile we were on the scent looking to catch the bounding hare (God knows what would of happened if we had caught him!) through the woods and down the lane over the wibbly, wobbly bridge, past the wooden statue. On the way round Pongo was stunned at the route around Willian and Wymondley Woods saying It was "The best run he had never run on before".

The live hare gave us many held checks, so we didn't get too strung out, and looking at the time and getting past the allotted hour! I assured the pack that we were now nearing the beer stop! Much relief and cheering!! We set of again into the urban estate that the live hare has to endure (well spaced out detached housing next to Letchworth Golf Course and Letchworth Hall). We were treated to beer, cider and cake in the Hare's garden and offers of those with gardening skills to feel free to come anytime to do their thing (oh please do!). The Trampoline was cleared for Skippy to jump into the air, I thought other would have a go - just to aid digestion...but no takers!

One for the neighbours

Forking ... right or left?

GM, Nik-Nak & Leroy ... but why?

We the had a group photo on the green in front of the house just to bemuse the neighbours who wouldn't have understood what the hell we were doing, was it exercise or were we hippies or travellers. Leroy's bugle gave the neighbourhood something to stir them up on a Sunday.

On- Inn across the meadow occupied by fairly docile bulls and past the very pretty Willian pond, past the designer pub back to the Three Horseshoes, where we had cake courtesy of Gorjoyce (that's me) and usual down downs. One of particular note, Forking for his new trainers. Very impressively he drunk from his said shoe ...he favoured the right shoe, perhaps he'll (Christen, for those Christians amongst us) Hash the left one too? Can't remember what for, it's my age.


On-on to The Bell, Odell

How The GM Did It