Run 1146

Sunday 21 April 2013

The Boot, Kimpton

Hares: Spotted Dick and Custard


DE, surrounded by her minders, accuses an innocent HM Hash Flash

At least one hasher observed St George's Day ...

... in fact 3 did, and were punished

A gorgeous day was unfolding as the hash gathered at the Boot. We even had an audience of Bed & Breakfasters reading the Sunday papers and bemused expressions regarding our attire. With ten minutes to the On ON a cardboard-carrying individual looked shocked that the car park was full. The publican had no idea we were sampling his hospitality even though his staff had been told twice and SD&C had checked the beer quality. Circa 11am the circle was called. There were no birthdays or anniversaries so after acknowledging St George's Day the hash was announced as being a short one allowing those exercising afterwards at "Go Ape" to retain a modicum of energy for later in the day. It was on-on out of the pub car park. A couple of falsies up and down the high street kept the pack together until the dust was found heading south up the byway. A general mill ensued with Sludge taking the falsie east and the FRBs carrying up the lane. Rapid & Zebedee called the on to the west as the pack followed them skirting along the southern boundary of the village. A couple of falsies back into the village. Shagpile made it to the second check where he felt obliged to return to the pub as he was feeling the strain of using his legs leaving Underlay to negotiate the rest of the hash with Rainbow and Lilly. The pack meanwhile were heading south across the field blithely ignoring a fish hook but were caught out again at a path crossing until a regrouped pack headed off SE towards the farm. At the next hook, just before the third check the FRBs obediently ran to the back of the pack and soon made it to the front of the pack again as half the pack decided that the weather warranted a large knitting circle at the holding check by the farm. A stunning view north looking over Kimpton (beautiful, acknowledged Pongo during the down downs) and off towards Luton (thankfully hidden beyond the far ridge) put everyone in the mood to press on. The check took runners off in 5 directions and it was the knitting circle who found the dust across the farm yard whilst Ringer ran 200M off dust and found a short cut (SC). Confused he returned to the Hold and picked up the trail. The trail went through the farmyard dust, still there after Custard had prebriefed the Farmyard Kids not to kick it out the day before. Underlay was caught out at the next check on the lane as the dust took the pack back North toward Kimpton past a proud owner's pair of vintage AC sports cars. A fishhook later, 5 back up the hill including The Count, a couple more falsies and a short cut by Depth Charge gathered the pack back at the sports ground just in time to see a goal by the home team, what a bonus! A jink left and right narrowly avoiding the only other pub in Kimpton brought the Pack back past the church to a six way check which was very quickly sorted as the team passed the tennis courts on the north side of the village. A regroup back into Kimpton and a sneaky back passage (I say!!!) fetched up the ON INN and a 43 minute Hash in stunning scenery with beautiful warm day. The hounds had had enough as well and a convivial gathering ensued. Down downs for the Hares Spotted Dick & Custard (and also for their 50 runs). A toast for the St Georges day observance society – Count, Double Entry and Ringer. Other down downs awarded (memories have failed as to why they were awarded!!!!)
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