Run 1145

Sunday 14 April 2013

The Three Horseshoes, Hinxworth

Hares: Frau, Mekon, Skippy and Fizzy


GM always keen to encourage the Ankle Biters to have fun ..

.. even if it means "Gedoff my haystack"

50 Run Tankard for Edwina 123

I really had fun with Fizz & Knotch on the hash. We used lots of flour. The weather was nice. Mekon's trail confused lots of hashers. Rapid was silly for trying to get us off the stone mound. I missed the circle because I had to go to karate. I like Pimms & lemonade. Mummy baked yummy cakes. Shuffle Cock is bossy. Edwina got his 50 tankard. Submissive liked Forking's shorts. Count put forking shirt somewhere naughty. Can't remember anything else.


How Silly Rapid Did It

That object in the sky was later identified as a Sun

Leroy fails to wake Five Baah

Hashit for Double Entry