Run 1142

Sunday 24 March 2013

The Chequers, Little Gransden

Hares: Shaggy and Cardiac


Biggles and Syslak in Winter Wonderland

RA accused Subby of flicking. The very nerve.

Dogs Bollox fall too quick for Hash Flash


Subby and Oscar

Old Lady and Uncle Bulgaria

We both arrived at The Chequers on Monday evening for a few swift beers and to work out a run from our maps, a cunning plan was formed the more we drank beer.

The weather was typical for this time of year, if you are a Penguin in the North Pole, so it was to be laid on a Sunday morning, hoping that no footpaths had disappeared from the map. Behold on Sunday morning such a lovely view from my bedroom window at 7 a.m, a pure white landscape. Normally I would take in this picturesque panorama, and jump back into bed. Today Cardiac and the hash had other plans. Half an hour later and my body jump started by the magical properties of Camellia sinensis, I was good to go. The car journey to Little Gransden from Sandy was quite hazardous. I am sure we were going sidewards most of the way there, thanks to our Highways and gritting lorries who seem to only come out when we have three foot of snow. We arrived at the car park, consumed more Camellia sinensis, looked at the maps and away we went.

11 o'clock came, we had Cardiac's family and DE, Subby, Knobber, Gorjoyce, Count, Underlay, Lush, Karmen and Dangerous Dave, and the very deflated Capt F, who came in the carpark with a flat rear (tyre). Circle up, usual blah blah, and it was off we go. Ok let's say it was cold, very pretty, slightly muddy in places, the pack kept together and we all arrived back at the pub, to be warmed by good real ale and a open fire.

The down downs were awarded to the hares, Knobber, Cardiac, and me for our tyre changing skills, Gorjoyce for having a creamed rug, don't ask.

Thanks to everyone who came to the run, especially with our spring like weather not.

ON ON to Steeple Morden and The Waggon and Horses
Shaggy and Cardiac

Capt's Bum makes fine impression ..

.. but Knobber and Karmen do better

RA has his audience Doubled up