Run 1138

Sunday 3 March 2013

The March Hare, Dunton

Hares: Depth Charge and Capt F


Lost Birthday Boy

HM tries taking candy from kids

Is there a sexual equivalent of flexitarian?

To fully understand these Wurdz, you'll need to refer to the OED words for 2013. I've tried to get them all in so that any future wurdz won't be so convoluted! One of the words is missing, so there will be a prize of some FOSS for whoever can spot it!

Having not been able to make Hash 1137 last Sunday, I was sat at home that evening getting slowly blootered on an appletini alternative, in a schlumpy fashion whilst watching highlights of Laura Trott win Silver in the Omnium and enjoying a nice dish of risotto wondering if it would benefit from using burrata rather than a hard cheese.

I heard a clicking whirring kind of sound close by and thought I must be hearing things that couldn't be my laptop as it has an SSD and shouldn't make sounds like that. I checked and saw that there was an email from Double Entry. Could this be a declaration or an opportunity to declare the Friend Zone that exists between us I pondered with trepidation and palpitations???? It was!! Well kind of. OK not really at all. PP had to pull out of haring on the 3rd and DE was asking if I would I be able to assist with the voluntourism that is the Hare. Of course I agreed immediately in a braggadocius manner and the date was set. DE was able to also get the agreement of Captain Fantaaastic to co-hare.

I contacted Capt F on hump day to arrange to meet and lay the trail, by texting. I had previously cleared with the Landlord of the March Hare that it was ok to run from there and partook of one of the four ales he had. I also checked the H5 website and noticed that the update on the Hareline was ripe for social sharing, so much so, that I thought it was tweetable.

Sunday. The HM arrived with seconds to spare and the on out was called and the trail was followed. This consisted of regular flour and a biosimilar mixture that contained colouring that enhanced the appearance to a lovely orangey colour not too dissimilar to Lush BK.

Bangers n Madge (who was bounding about like a Cane Corso as usual) followed the cruft trail but were soon back with the rest of the pack. Underlay again was FRB'ing and clocked up an impressive 6 plus miles on a glorious sunny Sunday morning specially ordered by Team RA. The GM was also seen to be front running and getting lots of number checks, so many infact that it gave the impression that he had Rapid metabolic syndrome.

The knitting circle managed to remain not too touchless from the FRB's even though it was a slightly longer than normal route and as time crept on I did develop some range anxiety to ensure that we were back to the pub and circled up pretty quickly as I had to make a quick getaway to ensure that I made it in time for my 6 year old's birthday party. I need not have worried as we arrived back in good time and partook of the fine ales in the pub.

Parents take the blame

The Hashes go home

The Hashit for Double to hide behind

Bangers came up with some great baking which consisted of some yummy legendary sausages and some particularly nice cheese and oxo bakes. So much nicer than a supermarket-made tray bake. There were no down-downs for the use of smartphones, dumbphones, xylophones or megaphones! But there were for the Hares and birthday boy Lost Cause. Skippy and Fizzy had avoided number checks and hence were awarded down-downs, they refused the down-downs as they had avoided the numbers. RA Ringer, and the entire hash blamed the parents so Frau and Mekon took the responsibility. Skippy was also up for inappropriate behaviour against Capt F, by pinching his bottom – there was also some question as to whether he was wearing underwear last night?? Again refusal by the youngster so obviously it was the bad influence of Shuffle Cock, who accepted the down-down. Shuffle remained in the circle for competitiveness, especially towards the end of the run and for moaning near the start that it was a long way to the back!

Forking had wondered what the smell was as we ran past the cows just before the On-Inn. Sillage I suggested, but was over-ruled by GM Rapid who suggested it was actually Forking. Down-downs for both! Secret RA then invited Count Roadkill into the circle for the misdemeanour of not being able to get it up. He was also awarded the Forking Shirt to remind him of this.

On On to the Pig and Abbott at Abington Piggots with Twicza and Count Roadkill (who as an avid England Cricket fan wouldn't been seen dead in a Baggy Green).

These feature-complete Wurdz were supplied to you by Depth (Up)Charge.

The way Underlay did it