Run 1137

Sunday 24 February 2013

The Old Swan, Cheddington

Hares: Ringer and Rapid Withdrawal


Leroy and Jack get themselves out of another fine mess

A very Grand Union

Helen anticipates Newbee Down-Down

How Long is a Piece of String?

In my case I have a much-used length (ooh ah missus) which is marked with 3 miles, 4 miles and 6 miles, which when overlaid on an OS map helps me to be certain that I have not been over ambitious. On this occasion though, I failed to use it, thinking that having cut the first 1½ mile loop out, the length felt just right (oh you are awful). It was a surprise to both Hares that the trail wound up as long as it was, but at least it appeared to be enjoyed by all.

We met in the car park just down from the Old Swan [only Capt F ignored all the previous directions and went to the pub car park, thereby pushing Nik-Nak up into second-last-to-arrive place], and with no birthdays, no anniversaries, but with a Newee and with Lady P absent as she was in a bath with a Trawlerman (or something like that CRk explained), we set off away from the pub. The first check sent 4 to the back, and the rest of the field decided to follow the footpath sign to a falsie. Madge disgraced herself by dashing out into the road in front of oncoming traffic and had to be yelled back by an arm-flapping Forking. Back on to the real trail, under the railway bridge and on to the canal. CRk shamelessly admitted that he had been a "swinger" here before on some wild canal boat party, and Forking took advantage to remind everybody of the Go Ape trip which he is busy signing people up for (shameless plug).

Over the bridge and on towards Pitstone near where we started a walk in the dim and distant past – we kept our heads down so that we didn't get told off again by a local resident. Unsure of the size of the pack, we had decided to use number checks to keep the group together. In the main this worked well, as long as you a) turned back and b) turned back again upon reaching the aforementioned back of the pack. Unfortunately Leroy, having been blatantly lied to by a gaggle of backmarkers* kept running and had to be shouted to return. Throughout the run, Leroy was a definite FRB, headed (who said head?) only by Five-Baah. The pile of rubble shown in the pic to the right definitely wasn't there when the run was laid 2hrs earlier.

Returning back via the canal, DE used the full authority of her voice to stop our Newee's dog from jumping in and we passed a number of new-born sheep, one of which was unable to stand on its own four feet, preferring it's mother's back!

Into Leroy's favourite pub (NOT) it was time to quaff ale and sip on coffee, before braving the cold for the circle. Capt F the assistant RA, awarded beers to Hares Ringer and Rapid, our Newee Helen (Le Voisin's daughter). Nik-Nak looked confused when asked to pose 'Pussies' Questions' so it was left to DE to do. The RA then picked on others, including Double Entry for bottom watching and wondering what I had in my trousers (oh ah missus). Ringer's gloves were also deemed not fit to pass muster and ought to be consigned to wherever gloves go when they take religious orders (holy, as in full of holes).

Gorjoyce and Atomic, lying at the back?

It would take more than a large dump to wreck this trail

That really is a lamb riding on its mother's back

With few wanting to go home, we continued to sit by the fire, with CRk and DE plotting how to knobble Submissive as she was looking a real threat for the POSH award in the year of the Double Dragon. (Hare's note: Subby, I tried, by setting the trail on the edge of beyond, to put them both off, but they still turned up...)

Don't forget that Frau would like to take you away on a dirty weekend, so give her a call and let her know that you can come (oh ah Frau).

*Gorgoyce deflected the blame onto Twicza.

PP can't be bothered with setting next week's run, so further details to follow...

Rapid & Ringer

The way The Count did it