Run 1136

Sunday 17 February 2013

The Flying Horse, Clophill

Hares: Forking, Bangers 'n' Madge


A very non-Hash way to go down

Karmen Suits-Ja tries her luck

Rapid does irony

The day dawned bright and sunny, much to the Hares' relief, knowing that the trail would be clear to see unlike the previous 2 runs which had to contend with knee height mud /water at Offley and snow at Flitwick. Also in the vicinity of the pub was a meeting of vintage MGs and much drooling over by the males present, and tales told by GORJOYCE took place. The gathering of the Hash witnessed MADGE showing LEROY's JACK her full set of teeth, and we were treated to NIK-NAK arriving a full 15 mins before the start!! Is this a record? With no Hash Master or Mistress present, the RA took charge, and shortly the pack set off in bright sunshine.

The trail was quickly found over the footbridge spanning the A507 leading to a check by Warren Wood (have we run in here before?) With many dog walking tracks, a serpentine trail wound back and forth through this very runnable wood and the many number checks kept the pack together with RAPID, DEPTH CHARGE, THE COUNT, KNOBBER and RINGER being amongst the 'send backs'. This wood was part of the De Gray estate at Wrest Park and included a very nice 'open ride' feature and was obviously planted to fit into some grand plan in the past. A lot of 'falsies' made for good management of the pack. At the final check before exiting the wood FORKING found a fence post which made a great 'hoop-la' for the Hashit and only RAPID managed to succeed hooking it, and of course earned him it at the Circle together with the Hashes!

A careful crossing of the busy A507 led the pack down The Causeway to the check at the Mill House and High St junction where UNDERLAY set off to the left while the rest went right, and eventually found the narrow footpath near the Post Office where many FRBs spent time and energy needlessly finding a bar at the top of the hill! Meanwhile the knitting circle including THONGO, KARMEN, DOUBLE and ATOMIC proceed up Great and Little Lane to a lady check which was the highlight of the run. Coming down the field track toward the assembled Hash Pack was a lady groom leading 2 horses who had to get the locked gate open ..(the groom not the horses silly!). Topically it was suggested that BANGERS would like to make use of the aforesaid beasts (who do you think I am .. Asda?), but in the end it was DOUBLE who saved the day and showed her equestrian skills by taking charge, grasping the halter rein of one animal and assisting the groom to go on her way: well done, good job we were there!

A short cutting group then led the way past Brickwall Farm and disappeared into the distance only to be caught out at the Greensand Trail and were promptly dispatched to the back again! The trail led past Kiln Farm along the bridleway, led by DEPTH CHARGE and FIVE BAAH, and then down through the woods to Back St and the ON INN past the Green Man Italian Restaurant to the Flying Horse where LADY P lamented the lack of cake bakers (you do a great job ladies). We found some very comfy chairs in the bar and noted some very rustic beams and wood construction there (perhaps 1700s?).

The down downs included NEWBEE DAVE, KARMEN's companion, MADGE for her behaviour and DOUBLE. In all a good day in a nice area.

On On to Cheddington...Heck!

The way Underlay did it

As ever Leroy had the horn

DE's halo shines brightly

Down-down for Newbee Dave