Run 1135 - Gispert

Monday 11 February 2013

Spice Injun, Flitwick

Hares: Bangers, Forking and Rapid


Cool, bold, brave as ever, and with beer in hand, Gispert survived an attempt to hijack H5's commemoration of the 71st anniversary of his untimely death in Singapore.

With the New Moon ageing somewhat in Aquarius, TNMH3 zealots - or should that be zealot? - tried to muscle in on the traditional run, this year in Flitwick and laid with craft and guile. Step out of the shadows Bangers, called into haring action only the previous evening whilst soaking in his bath after 1134.

Those expecting TNM-style action found only an appropriately short, snowy-sort-of-shiggy urban run, and a meal universally acclaimed as very tasty.

Well done Forking and Rapid, all as the Great Man would have expected.