Run 1134

Sunday 10 February 2013

The Green Man, Offley

Hare: Captain Fantaaaastic


Wishing I Was Lucky

Love Is All Around

The Best of Wet Wet Wet

It was a dank horrible Morning.

Excellent turnout (not Too Many People) and With a Little Help from my Friends (most notably Tarzan for helping me lay the trail, Lady P for these excellent hearty biscuits and White Rabbit for her most welcome ham sarnies) we all had a great time.

Everyone looked most alluring in their red (and sometimes pink) dresses. It's a tad disconcerting to me [and concerning to us ... scribe] that I even started to think that some of the more hirsute hashers looked more alluring than usual.

After laying the trail All I Wanted was a warm bath, cup of tea (supplied by White Rabbit) change of clothes and a warm fire. After setting off, it was clear that I had laid a Sweet Little Mystery of a trail. Hashers were setting off across unmarked fields with gay abandon. This was slightly exacerbated by a rogue hare, who was being somewhat creative about calling false trails which were in fact not false. In my defence this was only ever done with the best of intentions and with the sole aim of keeping the pack together. I am afraid that it was far too much of a Temptation for me.

Occasionally you could see a few hashers that Broke Away from the main group (notably Zebedee, Depth Charge, and Underlay) but in the main the group were kept pretty neat and snug.

The run comprised of shiggy, large puddles (nay mini ponds) and a considerable amount of water that lay on top of the fields. I often felt like Moses Holding Back the River. I know you Don't Want to Forgive Me Now, but I beg of you that you do as it would be so tragic if I Never See You Again and I would have to Shed a Tear.

These words were brought to you by the Discography of Wet Wet Wet, which just about says it all.

Wet Wet Wet down-downs were awarded to the creative Hare for leading the pack astray, but then memory fails me: it is a lesson learned - write your Wurdz much sooner after a run. Apologies to everyone for not mentioning many hash names, but there are no Wet Wet Wet Songs called Bangers, Forking, Double Entry, Ringer, Shagpile, Underlay, Submissive, Atomic Titten (maybe they should have wrote that one).

On-On to the run 1136* - The Flying Horse at Clophill

Yours affectionately - Capt F

The Red Dress Route The Count Took

*The Good Capt was not too sure when the next run would be, but some of us thought ... Maybe Tomorrow?

Lip Service

More Than Love

Blue For You