Run 1131

Sunday 20 January 2013

The Jackal, Thurleigh

Hares: Double Entry & Lost Cause


Special, stand-in HM Hasher Lady P

Special, wheel-spinning Hasher Edwina 123

Special Hasher Subby with Husky Oscar

It takes a Special sort of Hasher to turn out on a day like this. Or perhaps just a Hasher with Special needs. Many thanks to the Hares for the effort they put into this weekend, Scribe

In the bleak midwinter, Lost Cause rehearsed his smiles
Ground and car park icy, but still we hared for miles
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on dust
In the bleak midwinter, there were just a few of us……

Having recced Thurleigh but just a few times, well enough for me to be on the neighbourhood watch list, all the best "laid" plans go to "hash" when it snows! Still we are remaining hopeful it was a H5 first from this pub and country village ['fraid not; we hashed here previously in 2005, courtesy of Hare Tightwad. Oddly enough, only 9 hashers turned up then as well: Archive Ed].

Having regularly weather watched we were relieved it hadn't snowed since laying the trail on Saturday, and the early Sunday morning recce showed most of the red dyed flour to still be visible. It was looking promising for us non front running hares.

But hope was shortlived as by 9am the sleet started and didn't stop, and coupled with the wind across the fields the trail started to get covered, turning the checks into what Edwina and The Count called a "mess" (obviously not admirers of graffiti art).

Both hares were lucky to make it to the start as on rushing around to try and make last minute trail top ups. Lost Cause's car ended up on 3 wheels and he had to be rescued (both car and hare recovering well), and DE met a lady with a very unfriendly Rottweiler and had to walk a very long route back to the pub! But we made it, Lost Cause couldn't miss out on his first haring experience after all!

Having all skidded and wheel spun into our parking spaces, 8 of us circled. Edwina had his ice skates in the boot and perhaps regretted not wearing these later.

DE announced there was a prize for anyone who found her turkey thermometer (no editing please) which Lost Cause, who now admits he is aptly named, lost the day before. Some very intrigued hashers tried to find it but as it remains buried in the snow somewhere the prize remains unclaimed.

Subby arrived late, but soon caught up by being pulled across the field by her noble husky Oscar. Across the fields it was like being on a polar expedition but we soldiered on, following the brightness of Count's knee high socks. Fortunately latter parts of the trail were much more sheltered.

Special, wounded Hasher Shagpile

Special, returning Hasher Atomic Titten

Extra Special Hasher Underlay

Lost Cause took the runners for some exercise on the gallops giving the short cutters time to get across the return field, where Underlay later obliged with the request of making a snow angel.

We all returned to the pub safely where the landlady and Shagpile who had an injured back [no connection shurely ... ed] and so was only able to join us for a short while, welcomed us.

After a short warm by the fire we circled up and the secret RA, aka Count Roadkill, had a drink for everyone. This included Lady P who received a down down for not thinking of an anniversary, and Edwina & Atomic for something to do with testosterone (sounds like it's best not to ask), Subby for coming late and Shagpile for playing the wounded soldier again. In true Forking style the Count awarded himself a drink for not turning on his go gadget watch, but conceded it was also Underlay's fault for not reminding him.

Nearly all stayed for lunch at the pub, except Edwina and DE who was having her roast cooked for her. Luckily it wasn't turkey given the lost instrument mentioned earlier! As the snow continued, they may have ended up staying for dinner and breakfast too.

Lost Cause was looking for his map as I left, perhaps he wanted to go round again...

Snow is falling all around us, H5 hashing, having fun
Tis the season of ice angels, hashy winter everyone!

It's on on to The Windmill, Charlton


Underlay's snowy route