Run 1130

Sunday 13 January 2013

The Plume of Feathers, Tewin

Hares: Shagpile, Underlay & It's Megmerelda


The HM marches 'em up to the top ..

The Capt rearranges his tackle

Mekon disapproves of coffee in the circle

A goodly crowd of H5 turned up to enjoy a quality run at a pub chosen by It's Megmerelda. After warnings of excessive shiggy and armed farmers to discourage potential short-cutters (worked didn't it Zebedee!), Mekon took an early lead and found the first bar and path into The Field of Shiggy! Here the farmer had ploughed the real footpath and any attempt to find it would have resulted in H5 having to re-enact The Third Battle of Ypres (July 1917). Capt F and Depth Charge were early at the help check and gradually the pack dragged themselves through the mud.

Being on private land, the trail's direction was indicated by 'numero uno' hare, Shagpile. But shock! horror! many of the pack were in doubt. Forkin DC and Zebedee in particular expressed their view that a porky pie may have been told. This was a theme to be repeated throughout the run, and it can be reported that as a man of integrity and honour, Shagpile has not yet recovered from these cruel castings of aspersions.

Anyhow, there was a long run to the next check where Fat Controller declared knowledge on the area and knew where the trail would go. Wrong! Down the hill to the next check where Capt F decided to break into a striptease by the roadside. Horrible. Thank goodness the school bus wasn't passing by!

Snubby & Oscar scurried around at the next check but as per usual found a falsie. Zebedee found another and even though we were in an open field, did not short cut across to the real trail, the 'tooled up farmer' still fresh in his mind.

Into the woods went the pack, led by Capt F again and Spotted Dick. By now quite quite a few number checks had been discovered and certain FRBs did start to show dissent (no names, no pack drill, but you know who you are M*k*n). After a degree of phaffing around, and more number checks, the happy pack followed the meandering trail past the Tewin church and the beer stop (The Rose and Crown) until the On Inn was discovered.

Down-downs to the hares for a superb run, Count RK and Lady P for their monthly anniversary, Mekon, Gorjoyce, Underlay and someone or other got the Hashit for something or other.

Shagpile, Meg & Underlay

On On to The Jackal at Thurleigh

The way The Count did it

Hash Flash wishes to apologise for the paucity of snaps caused by his trigger finger being iced up

and the RA trots 'em down

The classic Gorjoyce down-down

The obligatory Lady P Anniversary