Run 1129

Sunday 06 January 2013

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Hares: Donut & Cardiac


PP & Triple Screw celebrated their engagement...

...but Subby was inconsolable about her divorce

As usual, the Hash followed instructions to the letter

Saturday morning, out early to lay the run. No lay in for the Hares then?
The weather forecast was looking good - no more rain, unlike the previous week when canoes, waders and flippers would have been more apt apparel to wear! Sunday noon and the circle called by the GM – Happy New Year greetings to all. A fabulous turn out, including 2 newies, Dave & Ralph [courtesy of Boris & Pussies Galore: Dep Ed.]
Hares called in – the usual welcome to 'angry faaarmer country' – yep, we will be going through his yaaarrd! After a quick game of 'heads' or 'tails' to get everyone in the party mood it's ON-ON away from the pub. Then, after a couple of falsies, it is right through the remembrance gardens towards the old Anchor – now a private swingers club, according to Shagpile that is! Vanilla something or other [Vanilla Alternative: Dep Ed.]. Another falsie and back through the faaarmer's yaaard. ON to Roxton Weir and a '5 back' check – the maximum number allowed on the bridge. The FRBs were kept busy with a couple of '5 back' fishhooks, as the trail led alongside the river, now quite a quagmire of shiggy, and ON to a '5 back' held check. ON-ON called towards Roxton, only to reach a 'T' some distance away. Smiffo and Shaggy then lead the pack further north along the river, even more SHIGGY, eventually coming to a bar – another ploy by the hares to keep the pack together! It works, and, low and behold we find Pongo leading the pack over the bridge and towards the old Anchor. The FRBs take over, only to be held up again with another '5 back' fishhook. ON to a welcome beer stop at the Warboys' new pad in Station Road. Dogs Bolloxs, Ward 10 & Szyslak are on hand to deliver the necessary delights.
All refreshed, it's ON-ON left, where another couple of false trails are discovered. Then, ON into woodland, never encroached by the Hash before. Sandwiched between the old air field and Tempsford Hall, a delightful small wood chequered with drainage ditches! Yes, lots more SHIGGY and water to boot! Cardiac takes the pack around a meandering pan handle trail comprising the odd numbered check and 'fishhook' numbers including one #13 – well it had to come in somewhere! ON out the woods and back over the A1. ON-INN to the chariots, where Ward 10 is greeting all Hashers and Harriet's with a carpet tile changing mat, courtesy of w...[much appreciated there Donut: Dep. Ed.]
Circle up and down downs for the Hares followed by newly engaged couple, Triple Screw and PP, newies, Dave & Ralph, Submissive for her divorce anniversary and Lush & Bangers for falling about! & more [help needed here ed – it's an age thing with me you know! - same here: Dep Ed!]
Back in the Wheatsheaf for a scrummy lunch and 2013 'Hash stones' hand painted by Foghorn [what a brilliant idea, treasure mine: Dep Ed.]. Many thanks to Submissive for presenting all the 2012 event memorabilia [hear, hear], and the Staff who looked after us all [ditto].
ON-ON to the Plume of Feathers, Tewin, for Run 1130.

Donut & Cardiac

The ROUTE as recorded by the GM's electrowizardry

Gandalf recites from the Little Book of Auntie

Oow, mind me doggy bits there!

Lush tears her hair out wondering if it'll ever end
Then it was On-Inn to the Annual New Year Meal

GM Rapid was as celebrated as a newt

Donut thanks the Wheatsheaf staff...
...and so say all of us!