LYH3 #7

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Big Ben

Hares dare not identify themselves

H5ERS: 22  APRES: 100s

At The Bree Louise

At The Harp

At The St Stephen's Tavern

At The Wellington


Researched and planned to the highest standard and implemented with precision timing throughout, there was no room for errors, and there was none, on the 4 mile, 4 pub route. Starting with pies and pints for Foghorn, Shuffle Cock, Depth Charge and The Count at The Bree Louise, it moved on to The Harp, between Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, gathering Shagpile, Spotted Dick, Custard, FC, Kisses and (eventually) Capt F. From there to The St Stephen's Tavern in the shadow of The Clock Tower, known to FC as St Stephen's Tower and metonymously as Big Ben, to add Nik Nak (thanks to her mega map), Liz (in very appropriate sweat-shirt), Ringer, Lady P, Subby, PP, Lush, Boris, Atomic, Karmen, It's Megand Rapid (have I left anyone out, I'd had a few by then?). Then on to the Wellington for the bag drop and hand over to LYH3.

It was clear that the management at The Wellington had no idea 150 hashers were expecting to drop off bags: no room was set aside as in previous years. To their credit LYH3 sent off 250 hashers bang on the 8th bong of Big Ben, all in the same direction, but that seemed to be the limit of their involvement in the run. A large chunk of the hash went to Hyde Park whereas the trail apparently went to Piccadilly (Shuffle may wish to take some credit for that). Few hashers claim to have seen more than one or two marks. The run was summed up neatly by one of the hashers fresh from a 5 hour coach trip from Taunton but in language not fit for a family journal. Back at The Wellington a few fought their way to the bar, but did anyone stay for a circle? There was no sign of one when your Scribe finished Ward 10's scrummy egg sandwiches, made his excuses and left.

Despite H5ers having a great day out the question remains: who would you trust to organise a Leap Year Event?

What do you think of it so far?

On On? Must be, Shuffle said so

Loving it: Lush and Boris

And the final word to Foghorn

[Deputy Scribe writes:] Maybe not quite the final word: Nik Nak, Rapid Withdrawal and Ringer suffered further strife on their way home on the train to Bedford. Just before Mill Hill Broadway, our train ground to a halt. After a while the driver announced that we were being held at a red light due to a fatality that had just occurred ahead of us. He said we were likely to be held there "for a considerable period of time" - read "for hours". After about 30 minutes, the train started slowly in reverse and backed us into Hendon station, where we were told busses were being arranged to take us onwards. Again this could take "some time". Next, we were told to transfer across to the slow train platform where another train would arrive in 5-10 minutes. It did and was pretty full already. Add to that the fact that we were an 8-coach train all trying to get on board an already occupied 4-coach train and the crush can be imagined. However we all managed it somehow and train struggled manfully thereafter to all stations to Bedford. Just wasn't our day was it?