Run 1127

Sunday 23 December 2012

The Crown, Flitwick

Hares: Forking DC & Rapid Withdrawal


Judge for yourself...

...about conditions underfoot

Surprise, surprise! It's ya birthday(s)

At circle up on run 1127 Skidmark just smiled with delight at Lady Pee's early Christmas gift of a camel toe. "It just presented itself to me" said Mrs G-String, and quickly headed for the Flitwick Moor leaving her beautiful kids with their father. Once on the moor it was noticably wet underfoot as Zebedee, Shufflecock, Underlay and birthday boy Shagpile repeatedly ran back and forward, only worsening the conditions for Double Entry and Twicza at the rear [are you sure about that phrase FDC? Dep Ed.]. Count Roadkill was reminded of his new home as a river that wasn't meant to be there suddenly was. A great many forded the waters with others fencing around the side. Foghorn, playing the part of Scuba doo, took to it like a duck to water and won the wet T-shirt contest. At the lady check it was a matter of finding the dyke. Ruxox was the site of a Roman settlement defended by such a bitch of a ditch. Over the road Edwina 123 led the way, straight into a falsie. Pussies Galore delighted all explaining how her local place for a dip, 'Pussy Pond' was named, due to it being a wet hole with the nomenclatural [a new word on me - Dep Ed.] growth that surrounds it. Leaving behind the Pussy Willows it was home to the pub where Timothy Taylor Landlord was served along with Doombar and Fat Controller's bread [and butter pudding] pie. Leroy wolfed a few slices down, alongside MKH3 parasite Semi.

Happy birthday to Ward 10 in the circleup, and on on to the Crooked Chimney for some Spotted Dick and Custard.

Happy Xmas

Four Kings

Miss Wet T-shirt December

The Lady of the Lake has her own interpretation

"So 21 March, it's a date then?"