Posh Nosh 2012

Saturday 15 December 2012

Old Warden Village Hall

Some hashers party-ed or relaxy-ed...

..while others graft-ed and sweat-ed

Credits: Catering – Lady P, Underlay & their little helpers; Sounds – Dodgy Dave sorry DJ Dave; Movie+flash – Count Roadkill; Stage show – Blue Prince; Chilli sprinkle – Shagpile

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Double Entry
Private Parts
G-String (Words for Run 1068)
Forking Rapids (Forking DC, Private Parts, Rapid Withdrawal & Ringer)
Rainbow (said with a Geordie accent please!)
Double Entry

Run 1126

Sunday 16 December 2012

The Royal Oak, Roxton

Hares: Screamer & Smiffo


Farkle & Felicia were angelic...

...but Zebedee was cheesed

This trio were conniving numerophobes

The morning after the night before! A surprisingly large pack arrived at the Royal Oak to find the gates to the car park firmly locked shut! No sign of the Blue Rinse Kid (sorry that should have been The Blue Prince), he sent his apologies via voice mail, with not a hint of any smoke! So exactly 101 H5 runs since my last haring, I get to do it again (thanks for thinking of me Double).

Not a good start, but with all comers parked in the streets the circle is called by Twicza, who can’t remember the run number, but neither can anyone else, so as there are no newies, visitors or anniversaries it's over to the hares. They warn of slippery stones, the need for quiet passing the church and without much more delay send the pack off left out of the pub. After a bar check we encounter the said slippery stones. A few are non-believers but soon come round to the hare's point of view "coor they are very slippery!!!" was heard uttered.

After last week's hare made ample use of the number three, we decided on some novelty and used 4s and 5s instead! Shagpile is the first to the number fishhook but thinks he can hide in the copse in winter and hands in pockets will help!

On then to the first of some quality shiggy and a few long false trails, nicely sniffed out by PP and Capt F. Underlay seems to know which way the trail goes and at the next check guesses correctly and misses an obvious bar to find...another fishhook. While the pack gather at the next check (held) the Count and Ringer deep in conversation [it WAS Hash business - Dep Ed.] head off over the horizon oblivious to the held check.

Next check sees the pack confused by the old false trail on one side of the road, real trail on the other trick and Foghorn finds herself in the vanguard. The last check sees our copse-hoverer find the false trail and it's left to Underlay to find the ON INN.

Circle is called and the hares get a drink along with most of the pack; that 'little' red book has a lot to answer for. There were also some celebration cakes [baked by Foghorn] to mark Ward 10 getting a working oven in her new kitchen. All at the run got to sample them, even Oscar who knew if he licked one it would be his!!

Hash hush after the slippery bit ("You were warned")

Bun-baker Foghorn was amused...

...but Shagpile had a strop

Caught in the act: as Screamer and Smiffo race to a dead-heat finish, this CCTV footage reveals the identity of the phantom bun-napper