Run 1125

Sunday 9 December 2012

The Rising Sun, Potton

Hares: Depth Charge & Lush BK


"Tread on me bloody feet why don't you?"

Shagpile – sent to the back – moaned

Mekon, spanked

This week's Hash was brought by Lush and me,
With a little help from the number 3.

I got a message on my phone,
That I would have to Hare alone.

Something came up for Lush BK,
So she'll have to Hare another day.

From the Rising Sun, off single file
Lead by a rather 'speedy' Shagpile.

A Potton hash, caused dog walking dismay
With apologies to Underlay.

Madge enjoyed all the puddles
Leaving Bangers in a muddle.

Oscar was to be a training mutt
So Subby took him on a short cut.

Joined by Twicza and Lady P, girlies fair
And big girl's blouse Forking Dick Chair.

Pecker [Interesting!! He must still be running from last week - Dep Ed.] set the pace for one and all
Closely followed by Rapid Withdrawal.

Through the undergrowth the Count did forage
Looking for the trail in orange!

Looking there quite forlorn
If only he'd look and follow Foghorn.

Back to the pub and the circle by GM
Captain F and Ringer punish them.

No Birthdays or anniversaries there
So a down down for just half a Hare.

Edwina and his checkpoint hover
Got him in a spot of bother.

Mekon's number avoidance prank
From the Captain earned her a spank!

H5 really gave it Large
So thank you with these Wurdz, Depth Charge.

If you think these Wurdz are tosh,
Then tell me next week at Posh Nosh!

THE RUN as recorded by the GM's electronickery

Caught red-handed but didn't confess...

...then swaps his car for a small beer and a large hat

FDC regrets eating all the choc-chip cookies